More butt & bigger buns

I do not have to get an MRI, thankfully. At least not for the time being anyway…I got some muscle relaxers, and I’m supposed to take some ibuprofen every6 hours. I also got exercises to do once a day, but I’m not supposed to start those for a couple days. If after a week I’m not feeling any better, I’m to call back, and then I’ll probably have to get an MRI or CT scan. I’m crossing my fingers that this does the trick!

After I got home from the doctor’s office, I sat with the heating pad on for about 40 minutes or so, until it was close to the time when I needed to pick up Jay and the bambino. I decided to check out the fairly new pharmacy here in Brookings, Brothers Pharmacy. Apparently it was started by 3 brothers who happen to all be SDSU graduates and pharmacists. I feel bad for them because it always seems as though the place is empty. I wonder if people don’t realize it’s there or they have their prescriptions at traM-laW or Hy-Vee…But I’m going there from now on. I was almost out of my Zyrtec (Cetirizine, actually, since I get the generic stuff), so I figured that since I had to drop off the prescription for the muscle relaxer, I’d just see how much Brothers would charge.

I have a flex/unreimbursed medical plan through work, and the government in its infinite wisdom changed the rules this year regarding the reimbursement for OTC drugs. My doctor was kind enough to write me a prescription so I could get reimbursed. Imagine my shock at discovering that Brothers charged me almost half the price that traM-laW did! So I’m glad I switched.

When we got home from all that, I got out the pork butt again.

Tonight’s dinner was basically a repeat of last night’s meal.

But with bigger buns.

And regular fries instead of sweet potato fries.

Frank’s Red Hot for the extra kick. And dessert?

Ice cream! And for once, I didn’t inhale the whole pint! I think I ate roughly a quarter of it. I’ll polish off the rest tomorrow night, I’m sure!