Clean up

I swear, whenever I decide to have people over, I always over-reach and don’t budget my time properly. The one time I was successful at doing that was when I had my GP party. And a lot of it was my own fault–I dinked around for about an hour after I got home from work, then began scrambling to get the kitchen and bathroom cleaned up and ready before everyone showed up. Both the cake pops and the cocktail wieners were the biggest pains in me arse. The cake pops looked good when I was done:

But I swore to the gods I am never making those bastards again. Egad…The baking of the cake and crumbling it, and making the balls wasn’t the hard part. No, the bastard part of it was getting the chocolate on there. I made the mistake of giving the bambino a few white chocolate chips, and therefore ran out before I was done coating the pops. Luckily I had just enough semi-sweet chips left to finish the rest. I have about 10-12 naked pops still in the fridge and I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to get more chips and coat those or just toss them.

The wieners turned out fairly well too:

Greasy as all get-out, but good. I think it took me less time to wrap these than it did to coat those cake pops! Still, a pain-in-the-arse, and I’m wondering why I thought I needed to get 2 packages of each. Guess I’ll toss the others in the freezer until I need an appetizer for something or other.

I also wimped out on the platter…I bought two apples and two pears that I was going to slice up to go along with the grapes, but at the last minute I decided not to bother. Slicing the cheese was enough. Plus, people were starting to arrive and I was ready to just be done with everything. The party itself went well. I am going to end up with a lot of free stuff and discounted items, so I’m pretty jazzed about that.

Today, the bambino and I got to stay home, while Jay had to go to work. I would’ve loved to just sit around all day, but I didn’t bother cleaning everything up before I went to bed, so I had that to deal with. I also have to figure out something for dinner. I got out the crock pot again…I found a recipe for a version of tater tot casserole made with chicken that the bambino wanted to try out. The basic recipe sounded a bit bland, so I had to tweak them a bit. Some garlic, seasoning salt, a bit of paprika. Something, anyway. I must be getting old if something as basic as cheese, chicken and bacon is too bland on its own!

Cheese, chicken, bacon and tots. I seasoned the meat with some paprika, garlic salt, onion powder and black pepper. I was still afraid that it was going to completely suck, but surprisingly, it was really good.

Yeah, it looks like puke in a bowl, but it was awesome. I love tater tot casserole done with ground beef, but I think this might be my new favorite version. The only complaint myself or Jay had about it was that the next time I make it, I’ll dice the chicken. I wasn’t really thinking when I plated up, and while the chicken was really tender, it was awkward trying to use a knife in a bowl! I capped things off with a bowl of chocolate ice cream:

And now I’m going to go put on my flannel pajama pants and scribble away in my paper journal for the rest of the evening!