“The weekends went by so quick…”

I spent most of this morning searching online for some make-ahead breakfast recipes–I don’t really know why. I’ve got cold cereal and all. One thing always leads to another, and I ended up on the Ball canning website. I think the idea was subconsciously planted in my brain because of an article on Sustainable Dakota Digest this week about getting started with canning. I made an attempt last year at canning without really canning, but this year, I’d at least like to try and do it right. Unless the fine folks at Ball would love to send me their Waterbath Canner Kit, I’m going to start saving up the $70 now, so I can get it sooner rather than later. We have some jars, but those are fairly inexpensive, so I’m not that worried about getting more. But I’ve been looking up tomato sauce and salsa and ketchup recipes online, and I think (depending on what we’re able to harvest this year), I’m going to try making batches of all 3.

But that got me to thinking about how this is something my grandmother would’ve done (well, I know my grandma Myra would’ve because I know one of my aunts inherited her pressure canner, because she also cans, or at least did a few years ago…I have no idea if my grandma Pauline canned, but for some reason, I can’t really picture her doing it. I’ll have to ask my dad). And then it got me to thinking about how circular things sometimes are. I suspect that the laundry detergent I bought yesterday is something that could’ve or would’ve been used back in the day (and my thanks to Erin for the tip regarding white vinegar in the rinse cycle–I was shocked at how soft my clothes were coming out of the dryer!). And even the notion of canning. My sister Kendra gave it a try a few years ago, but I don’t think she’s done anything since she had a jar of tomatoes explode on her. But having a garden and the thought of canning my own produce is something I never would’ve dreamed I’d be interested in doing when I was a child. And yet, here I am, drooling over canning supplies online. It makes me wonder and think about how many “advances” and new products that were developed not that long ago are turning out to have awful and unintended consequences. Sometimes the old ways aren’t so out-dated and old-fashioned after all.

All that aside, I’ve been busy today. I FINALLY got around to making Gingerbread Bagels’ No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Bars.

Holy crap these are good! Then again, anything with peanut butter and chocolate is good. The bambino & I kept sneaking licks of the chocolate-peanut butter mixture…I could’ve just eaten that by itself and been a happy camper. Between Jay & I, about half the pan is already gone. No matter, though. I can always make more…Once I go to the store & pick up more brown sugar!

In my searches for various breakfast recipes, I came across one that wasn’t a breakfast recipe, but that sounded good anyway: Tomato-Corn Pie. I had some Romas I needed to use up and once I discovered that frozen corn could be substituted, the only other thing I needed was the whole-wheat pastry flour.

I’ve never made a savory pie crust before, but this was good. I thought about making crackers or something with the scraps, but I ended up tossing them.

The recipe suggests pairing it with a salad for a light supper, which I would’ve loved to have done.

But, I live with 2 carnivores, one of whom is of the belief that salad is not food, it is what food eats. Luckily, I had some chicken thawed out, so I flattened it with my meat mallet, dipped it in milk, then dredged it in some breadcrumbs, and fried it in a bit of olive oil:

I used Bare Chicken, and this package only had 2 breasts in it. Which was fine. I split mine with the bambino and didn’t end up finishing the piece I took anyway. The tomato-corn pie was more filling than I was expecting. That’s going to be my lunch for a couple days, so I’m glad it’s filling.

I’m debating, but tomorrow, I might want to try going for a walk in the morning before work. A lot will depend on the weather though. Right now, it looks as though we’re in for a tumultuous night:

Which probably means I ought to wrap this up & shut the laptop down. Have a good evening everyone!!!