“Chocolate pudding, it comes in a cup…”

I’ve made it a point to have one treat each day this week. Most nights, it’s been Weight Watchers ice cream, but I decided Friday night that I wanted chocolate. Something rich, fairly easy to make, and creamy. Enter chocolate pudding.

I wasn’t in the mood to mess with egg yolks, or loads of cream or whole milk. And thankfully, I found this recipe from Smitten Kitchen that was perfect. I did just pick up a new bottle of cream at Buttercrust earlier this week, but I like having it available if I want whipped cream for some reason, or for my coffee. In this case, I’m glad I had it, because the recipe called for whole milk. All we have is skim, so I made my own half and half. It worked fine.

I was afraid for a few minutes that my pudding was not going to thicken…I’d had a perfectly fine day, even leaving work at 4, to burn up one last vacation hour. We decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, and in the span of five minutes, almost got into two different accidents with out-of-state college kids who either weren’t paying attention or were just being extremely stupid drivers. Luckily the drive home was a breeze, but I was a little edgy while making the pudding.

It turned out okay, though.

And it was just what I needed to cap off the week.