"All is quiet on New Year’s Day…"

Moving walkway lights

I like weeks where I only work 2 days. Well, 2 & 1/2, as I’ll be going in for a couple hours tomorrow morning. It was so nice to be home for almost a week. Getting there was a huge pain, thanks to some freezing rain in Chicago (like they’ve never encountered it before?), but we made it into Ohio safe & sound.

About the most excitement was Kendra & I going out to lunch the day after Christmas. We went up to Easton, which was jam-packed with people carrying or purchasing all their new status symbols. I did pop into the Coach store there, but wasn’t seriously planning on buying anything, especially not after one of the salesclerks gave Kendra & I the once-over–Like we were too schlubby to shop there. The next time I decide to drop a couple hundred bucks on a new purse, I’ll do it in Sioux Falls. The salesclerks at the Coach store there are MUCH nicer and friendlier. Other than visiting and hanging out with family, we didn’t really do much else. And it was really nice.

We’re spending today lounging around, which is also really nice. I’ve got some bread working on its second rise, and at some point today, I’ll figure out what I’m going to do for dinner. I’ve got cubed steak thawed, as well as some chicken, so I can either do chicken-fried steak or I’m thinking of some chicken parmesan sandwiches. I made them once before, and I thought they were pretty good. Plus, they’re a WW-friendly recipe, so that helps. I lapsed pretty badly while I was at home, so I decided that this week I’d just refocus and get back on track. We’re halfway through our At-Work series, and I’m not quite at half my goal.