Wednesday Rambles

Lithopolis, OH

Miss me? I took last week off because we spent that time out in Ohio. If you follow me on Instagram, you would’ve seen my posting Stories of some of the stuff we did.

The trip would’ve been even better, had I not gotten sick AGAIN

The day we left, the bambino complained that his throat was sore, and he was rather stuffy. I chalked it up to allergies, and away we went.

By Monday night, though, my throat was sore – In that “feels dry and no matter how much you drink, it won’t go away” feeling, and I couldn’t stop coughing. That Tuesday, the real misery set in, and even now, I’m STILL feeling like crap.

As it turns out, I have bronchitis. When I was at my mom’s, I thought I noticed some wheezing. And after getting short of breath at work yesterday, I decided a visit to the doctor would be in order.

Hen House

So we’re going the route of antibiotics (because I also have the beginnings of a sinus infection), an inhaler, and some Prednisone. Which means I’ll be wired for the next week. Fun.

In spite of the bambino and I being sick, we still managed to have fun and do almost everything I planned. Like the Reds-Pirates game we attended (even though there was a two-hour rain delay).

Great American Ball Park

We also got to check out an Egyptian artifact exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center. My inner archaeologist went nuts. I could’ve spent all day looking at everything.


There was a mummy there on display – I felt a little guilty while standing there gawking at it (well, at her – She was a high-born Egyptian lady of means), especially while there was another couple taking photos. I didn’t post the picture I took online, and I’m still debating on whether or not to delete it altogether.

After we were done at the museum, we paid a visit to Craft Cream Works – An ice cream shop in West Chester (for my Cincinnati friends/family). It happens to be run by the son of a friend of my mom’s, but when we all swarmed the place, we didn’t let on who we were until after we got our goodies.

Craft Cream Works

I know it sounds biased, but their ice cream is REALLY good! Plus, they have flights:

Ice Cream Flight

If you are like me and want to try all the flavors, you can pick one of these! (Or if you ask, they’ll let you sample all the ice creams they have). I tried the S’Mores, Funfetti, Biscoff Cookie, and Vanilla Bean. All were delicious. I wish I lived a lot closer, because I’d visit ALL THE TIME.

Maybe it’s good that I don’t live closer.

Depeche Mode Vinyl

Also while at my mom’s, I finally collected my records. I think I might still be missing some, but I was especially hoping to find that “Enjoy the Silence” twelve-inch. It contains an orchestral instrumental version of the song that’s just gorgeous.

And oddly enough, I used to lay on the couch and listen to it when I was sick, back in high school. Funny how things come back around, I guess.