“I feel so broke up, I wanna go home…”

I don’t know what my problem is. Maybe now that Autumn is slowly making itself known, I’m starting to yearn for home. This happens almost every year…Once September & October roll around, I start pining for Ohio. I miss the trees, and seeing the colors change. I miss the smell of the morning air at my dad’s house. I miss watching Cincinnati’s skyline light up in the evening hours.  I miss baseball games and the chill of the air coming off the river. My beloved Reds are doing well enough that for the 1st time in 20 years, they might have a real shot at actually making it to the World Series.

To soothe myself somewhat, since I can’t just hop on a plane & head back to my hometown, I did the next best thing. I started a batch of Cincinnati chili, so I could have a 3-way for dinner.

Every so often, my dad sends care packages of Cincinnati items. I don’t think my friend Beth reads my blog, but I know my friend Erin does, so I’m going to catch hell for this, but I have a boatload of these in my pantry:

In my defense, if Skyline Chili made seasoning packets, my dad would send me those instead. But they don’t, and the cans of Skyline are expensive to mail, so Gold Star it is!

I like that the chili takes about an hour & a half to make. It fills the house with its smell, and it’s comforting, especially during the brutal SoDak winters. It’s funny, when I lived in Cincinnati, I hated Skyline, Gold Star, etc. I got sick of La Rosa’s. But now that I’m away, and I can’t eat there every week…I crave them. When Jay & I got married, we spend a few days after the wedding in Cincinnati. I want to eat at a different chili parlor each time I’m in Cincinnati. That time we tried Camp Washington Chili. The next time I go home, I want to try Price Hill Chili.

In the meantime, I readied my 3-ways:

I wasn’t thinking when I used half my cheddar last night–I’d bought a block of it with the intention of using it for chili. No matter, though.

The cheese is my favorite part–Once it melts and turns into a big gloppy lump. I started by plating the spaghetti:

Then piling on the chili:

And finally, the cheese:

I will state for the record that normally, I’d probably use twice as much cheese as is shown in the picture. However, I didn’t want to be a complete hog, and leave Jay with nothing. I was tempted to do chili-cheese-fries, but figured that was a little too gluttonous for tonight, so I stuck with the 3-way. And once the kitchen was cleaned, I capped off the evening with a nice cup of cocoa:

And now that I’m feeling all warm & fuzzy, I think I’ll go to bed.