Even the Odd One: Some Garlic-Lemon Pork & Angsty Memories

I’m alternately loving and hating the fact that it’s Friday. It’s basically the midway point between my mini-vacation, and while I’ve had the past two days to just play, I now have only two more days before heading back to work. Oh, to be independently wealthy, and be able to retire before the age of 40! But since I know that’s not going to happen, I’m enjoying having all the time in the world to do nothing. I got a $25 iTunes gift card in the mail yesterday (I rack up “dollars” in exchange for taking surveys, and usually just put my earnings towards food magazine subscriptions), and spent this morning downloading a few of my favorite 80’s tunes (anyone remember Talk Talk’s “It’s My Life”? NOT the bastardization of it by No Doubt), as well as some newer stuff by the Trashcan Sinatras. There’s a band I’d drive a couple of days to see live (along with the Slackers, the Aggrolites, and Crowded House or the Finn Brothers). I had the hugest crush on Frank Reader when I was in high school, and even went to great lengths to get a Scottish penpal in the same general vicinity as where the band was based. Ah, good times.

Moving on…As I’ve had the time to do actual prep work for dinner, instead of rushing to slap a bunch of stuff together, I decided to give Garlic-Lemon Pork a try.

I’ve had citrusy-garlicky pork before–I had some garlic-citrus pulled pork at a Cuban restaurant once that I’d give my right arm to have again. This was just as delicious.

I figured it would be good, just based on how awesome it smelled while cooking. I was not prepared for it to be so good, I needed a hunk of last night’s ciabatta to clean up the sauce from the serving plate! If I could’ve gotten away with licking the plate clean, I would have! The meat was fork-tender and practically melted in my mouth.

I kind of feel like Homer Simpson: Gaahhhhhhh…..*drool.* I told Jay that I wanted to dash back to the grocery store, buy another pork loin, and make this again immediately, but into sandwiches, so the bread could soak up all the tangy sauce. Tonight, though, I served it with some potato wedges:

Yukon Golds that came from our garden, no less! I had more wedges than that–I just forgot to take my picture before I started chowing down! I seriously recommend the Garlic-Lemon Pork. It’s one of those lip-smacking, finger-licking good dishes you won’t regret!
We went out for ice cream cones once we were done with dinner, and I’m now so stuffed, I need my elastic-waist pants. Have a good evening!