“Spinning with the spider in the cave…”

I swear, I think there’s something in the air the past couple days…Weirdness abounds. I admit to having fueled some of it by posting a link to a story on Facebook about a pair of The King’s underpants, which are apparently being auctioned off. Why anyone in their right mind would want Elvis’ dirty undies is beyond me…But it (along with the resulting comments) gave me a fit of the giggles bad enough last night that Jay kicked me out of bed until I could calm down. So that’s kind of set the tone for the past 24 hours. And now everyone thinks I’m a bloody pervert, but that’s okay. Things were wacky enough at one point, I asked my boss if there was a full moon or something this evening. He seemed to think there is/will be.

Jay discovered that his string of poor zucchini-growth has been broken, and how!

Granted that’s just one…The others are more normally-sized. But that explains why we had no pumpkins growing in what we thought was the pumpkin patch! I’m thinking that it’s big enough that I can probably make some zucchini cake (the bambino’s request), as well as my all-time favorite way to eat zucchini–thinly sliced into ribbons, battered, fried in olive oil, topped with Parmesan and lemon juice, then dipped in marinara. Mmmmmm….I’m really tempted to go ahead and make that tomorrow night.

In the meantime, tonight’s supper was some soup.

Easy Corn & Potato Chowder. I have a recipe for this I usually use (it includes bacon), but I don’t currently have bacon, and just felt like trying something a little different.

It was decent. The Yukon Golds came from our garden, although the corn was canned.
And for dessert?

I’m making a concerted effort this week–I’ve been half-assing WW for months now…So I’m going making a real effort to watch my points, and get some working out in. I’ve put Ripped in 30 Days on the backburner–Since I hurt my back a few weeks ago, I figured Yoga Meltdown (I almost typed Yoda Meltdown) might be better until I’ve fully healed. Which, by now, I think I am. But I’ll do yoga for a month, then hopefully go back to Ripped in 30!