“I’ve been knocked out, beat down, black & blue…”

I’ve calmed down a bit since my last entry. Part of it is due to having two days away from work–Without the stresses of Impending-Tax-Day (April 17th, in case you didn’t already know), things will be a lot slower and quieter, so I can decompress. Part of it is the notion that I’m 36-freakin’-years-old. Why am I letting some BS bother me so much, and make me feel like I’m back in grade school and being mocked because my parents were getting a divorce (yes, this happened to me)? I just need to step back, realize that that moment won’t last forever, it’s not the first of its kind, nor will it be the last. I’ve dealt with a lot worse.

Before the incident which made me blow up (and subsequently burst into tears the moment I got home to tell Jay about it), I ordered myself a new baking treat:

Financier molds. I’m going to give them a try this weekend. I have a few recipes in my cupcake cookbook–I just have to settle on which one I want to try first! I’m trying to decide between one with pecans, raspberries and hazelnut meal, or one with praline chocolate and strawberries. Perhaps I’ll just make both!

I also met up with Melissa and Katie for breakfast at Cottonwood Bistro.

The last time we were all here, I got a HUGE country breakfast and a latte. This time around, I got another latte:

and a pancake as big as my head:

I was not able to finish the whole thing, as good as it was. I had them add walnuts, and apparently the mix had oats in it too. It was really tasty, although I should’ve gotten some protein to go with it. After I came home, the bambino and I ran some errands, and after one store, we had to stop by home because I got shaky and I felt a little faint. That happened on Friday at work, too. I really do need to eat breakfasts that are NOT sugar bombs. Omelets or something with carbs and protein. Otherwise, I crash hard. And that’s not good.

We’re supposed to get storms, possibly severe this afternoon and into the evening. Jay’s been down in Sioux Falls for the day, and the bambino and I will be heading over to Allison’s in a little while. She’s having a party, and I think it is/was going to be an outdoor thing–Hopefully the rain holds off for awhile!