“Seven worlds will collide…”

I’ve been on a Neil Finn kick lately…When I was ordering a Christmas present for one of my nephews from Amazon, I came across Everyone is Here, which I didn’t yet have. And since I’d already decided on a Wilco CD I also didn’t yet have & still needed a few more bucks for the free Super Saver shipping, I tossed it in my cart.

I know I’ve mentioned that Crowded House is one of my favorite bands, and part of the reason is that I have a small obsession with Neil Finn, and have been in love with him ever since I was 12. If I ever make it to New Zealand, I’ll probably stalk him. Of course, I have no idea if Neil Finn actually lives in New Zealand still…But Neil Finn or not, New Zealand is on my list of places I need to see before I die.

This afternoon’s project was annoying but necessary:

Plastic covering on our crappy drafty windows. The Neil Finn continued:

I needed music to work to. Jay made the deal with me that he’d buy the plastic sheeting if I put it up. So I did.

What a pain in the butt! I do already notice a difference in the dining room temperature, so I guess it was worth it.

I’ve tackled a couple pain-in-the-butt projects today. I decided last night that cinnamon rolls were a good idea for this morning, after reading about them on Iowa Girl Eats. And since I had a can of pumpkin in the pantry just waiting to be used, I got to work before “Meet the Press” came on. They turned out beautifully:

Even moreso once I frosted them:

Jay ended up eating two of them, they were that good.

And extremely rich. I’m debating on taking a few into work and pawning them off on coworkers. I started dragging this afternoon, and realized that I will run out of java well before I venture back to the grocery store. And because we needed to just get out of the house for a bit, I popped into Choco Latte. I was planning on getting some beans, but I saw they had some new flavored coffees, and I thought I’d give one a try:

I’ll know in the morning how it tastes! And since it’s just about bedtime, I’m off!