“Looking for my lost shaker of salt…”

Yeah, I know. I don’t even like Jimmy Buffett & there’s my second use of one of his songs for my blog title. It’s been one of those days. I woke in a crappy mood, and stayed that was almost all day. It wasn’t until I left work (an hour late, no less) that I started to perk up.

It was warm–Not too breezy, and rather than wait the 10 minutes for Jay & the bambino to get me, I started walking home. I figured it might relieve some of my tension. Jay pulled up a couple blocks from home, and gave me a ride the rest of the way. I was originally going to either fix chicken sandwiches and homemade fries or scrambled eggs, hash browns & biscuits for dinner. Instead, when we got home, I told Jay that if he would be okay with going out, I’d buy dinner. So off we went!

Guadalajara sounded especially good this evening, because I wanted one of these:

Yes, it was that kind of a day. I got my old stand-by (even though I haven’t had it in awhile):

Chicken taquitos. Crunchy tortillas filled with juicy chicken. And of course, extra rice, no beans. And I ate about half those chips & salsa.

And then it was time for dessert:

I’m beyond stuffed now, but that Reese’s Cup Blizzard was SO worth it. I ate every last bit of it, then promptly put on elastic-waist pants when I was done. The ice cream was necessary, but wasn’t, as I got a package of goodies from my mom that included this:

I haven’t opened them up yet, but I will soon. And I’m sure they will be delicious!

I have baking plans for tomorrow that will not involve any mixers…Thank the gods my rolling pin hasn’t crapped out on me! I should bake some bread while I’m at it–And thankfully I let my bread machine do all that work–I’d be seriously screwed otherwise! I’m hoping too that it won’t be raining in the morning, as I’d like to go running. I thought it was supposed to rain last night, so I didn’t plan on going out this morning. I wish I had–I might’ve been less crabby if I had! No matter.

And speaking of mixers, now that I can feature photos again, here are visuals of the mixers I’m looking at:

That would be the Breville stand mixer. It’s so shiny and pretty.

And the Cuisinart mixer. Also shiny & pretty. I think I like it in black better, though.

And finally, the Kitchen Aid. For whatever reason, I’m still leaning towards the Breville, probably more because of price. But again, at the moment, I’m only a third of the way saved up for it, so I’ve got a whole lot of time to mull it over. Unless of course, Breville just wants to give me another free appliance (hint hint). I would give it a good home!