The Day Before Thanksgiving…

Today’s weather has been utterly miserable. Freezing rain, clouds, even some snow. I was fine this morning, but the depression started sinking in after lunchtime. I didn’t work out this morning, even though I tried to talk myself into it before I got out of bed. I think I also forgot my Vitamin D. And to add insult to injury, 5 minutes before the bank closed tonight, I bent down underneath my desk to grab some boxes to set out for the trash, and my shoe broke:

This is quite possibly my favorite pair of Doc Martens, and I won’t be able to wear them until I can get down to Sioux Falls and get them fixed. We no longer have a shoe repair shop here in Brookings. But things looked up once I got home. I ordered some Avon (I was in desperate need of new mascara) and a new lunchbox, both of which showed up today. The lunchbox was a birthday treat and is very much me:

You can’t see the sides in my picture, but the sides are plaid. And not only do I heart nerds, I heart plaid. I’m also a big dork.

I also got a box from my friend Jaime containing a new pair of shoes:

Long story short, she bought a pair of Docs in the wrong size, waited too long to return them, and wanted someone to actually use them. I happened to have additional birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, so I swooped in and made a deal with her for them. It’s been a few years since I bought my Doc sandals.

They’re boots or shoes (shoots?)!

I’m not sure the flags would go over well at work, but I’m thinking I might wear them Friday or Saturday. Especially since my Mary Janes are shot now.

The chicken I took out the other night was thawed enough, so I made my enchiladas this evening. While they were still tasty, the enchilada gods did not look kindly on me this time. My tortillas shredded and I think I could’ve pulled them out of the oven 5 minutes earlier.

I almost hate confessing this, but between Jay & I, there is only one enchilada left. The bambino didn’t want anything to do with them, and against my usual stance, I let him have a banana and a biscuit instead. After dinner was over, I got to work on my pie. I’ve had bad luck with ready-made pie crusts so I make my own now (and it’s so much easier):

My fluting skills absolutely suck. But the crust is tasty. And so is the pie filling.

It’s now cooling on the counter.

I’m going to make whipped cream to top it with, along with all the rest of Thanksgiving dinner. And with that, I should get to bed. Not only do I have the meal to cook, but we’re putting up the Christmas tree, and there’s a possibility we may have guests for dinner–Abby, her husband & son are supposed to go to her parents’ in Madison for dinner tomorrow, but depending on how crappy the weather is, they may stay here instead. I told her that if that was the case, they were more than welcome to come over here. Lord knows we’ll have more than enough to share!