“I’ve got to admit it’s getting better…”

I got up later than I planned, but I managed to complete my 1st week of 5K training. This morning was rather weird–The weather was decent (nice and cool, not oppressively humid like it has been), but this was my worst run (yeah, I know. I’ve done this 3 times. Do I really have any frame of reference yet?). I couldn’t catch my breath for about the first 5 intervals, and when I mapped my route, it turned out to be the shortest route all week–And my pace for it was the highest (12 min./mi.). I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, seeing as I’m not a runner, and I still don’t know what possessed me to agree to this. However, I will say that I’ve noticed already I think I’ve dropped some water weight (which wouldn’t surprise me, since I sweat like my dad), since I can see hints of cheekbones once again. And it definitely helps my mood. I was crabby as hell yesterday, and I feel better about things having gone for my run.

After I came home, chugged some Gatorade, got a shower and some breakfast, the bambino & I set off on a trip to the grocery store. I had $60 to spend, and I am happy to say that we came in under budget–Sort of:

The extra $3.00 was spent on come coffee (for me) and chocolate milk (for the bambino). But I got lots of ingredients for a few things I’m planning on making this weekend:


I was most excited to see the new oatmeal items in Hy-Vee. I’d emailed the folks at Better Oats a week or so ago, after reading an article in Prevention Magazine about their Raw Oats, and visiting their website (I wasn’t sure I could find them at the store, but they informed me that according to their distribution notes, I would be seeing them in the Brookings area very soon). I was actually hoping to find some of the Mom’s Best Naturals Dark Chocolate oatmeal, but I found Oat Revolution! and mmm…Muffins instead. I opted for 3 boxes:

The one on the left that’s cut off is the Cinnamon Roll flavor. I also got the Maple Strudel, and Maple & Brown Sugar flavors (can you tell I love maple-flavored stuff?). The thing I liked a lot (even though I haven’t opened any of them yet) is that they were less than $1.20/box. I have 3 weeks’ worth of breakfast right there. For comparison, Quaker Instant Oats were $3.38/box, with 10 packets in a box. For 20Ā¢ more, I got an extra week of breakfast. One of the things I’ve been irritated/bummed about is the tightening of our budgetary belts recently, so if I can save a bit here & there, I’m a happy camper.

Something else that’s going to seriously help us in the grocery department are all of these:

We’ve already eaten probably half of what’s currently sitting there. And since I’ve taken that photo, Jay brought in 5 or 6 more tomatoes. I have a couple different recipes for tomato soup, one of which I’ll be using for tonight’s dinner. Thanks to my latest issue of Every Day Food, I also have a recipe for bacon & tomato gnocchi, which I’ll make tomorrow. What cracks me up is that we haven’t even begun to harvest our Beefsteak tomatoes yet. I’m excited about those too, since I have a recipeĀ  for some baked eggs in tomatoes, and I’ve been foaming at the mouth to make Pomodori ripieni di riso, although like everything else I make from Memorie di Angelina, it probably won’t look nearly as delicious as Frank’s photos.

Some time this afternoon, I’m also going to try my hand at some Mandelbrot, courtesy of Dan over at IslandEAT. I don’t think it’ll be that difficult, as I’ve tackled biscotti before, although these seem like they’ll be a lot lighter than biscotti. And I think they’ll make a nice morning snack for my coffee breaks at work. And with that, I need to scrounge up some lunch, and possibly venture out with my husband to pick up some canning supplies!