Cake, grass-fed beef & pizza

I was up until around 11 working on the cake I took to work this morning. The Graham Cracker Torte was more complicated than I was anticipating for a week-night treat! But it was good:

And it gave me a chance to use the crystallized ginger I won from Spices Inc. way back when!

Taking pictures of the torte outside made me think that I most certainly need to save up and get a little table and chairs for our porch. It’d be nice to have for any evenings we grill (if it ever warms up enough and the weekends are nice & sunny instead of rainy!), as well as taking some better food pictures.

After I finished the outdoor photography, I came back inside for breakfast.

I’m trying to conserve the milk until I can get to the store on Friday, so I made some oatmeal instead of having my Kashi cereal. I picked this canister of McCann’s up awhile ago, just because I wanted a change from the old-fashioned oats I’d been buying. But once the weather starts warming up, I tend not to want warm oats in the morning. They seem too heavy for warmer weather, and I just can’t get into overnight oats.

Since I bought this over the weekend, the bambino has been asking for spoonfuls of it each morning. Today, I plopped some in my oats:

It was good, and they kept me full until my break at 10. If I make them again tomorrow, I might try the other almond butter I got.

After Jay & the bambino picked me up from work, we popped by the farmers market. I needed some beef.

I came across a recipe for a steak sandwich on a croissant that I want to try, and those fillets will be perfect!

The bambino wanted a cookie, so I ended up getting a loaf of sourdough on a whim.

Every so often, I get a craving for sourdough toast.

I decided this afternoon that we were getting George’s for dinner tonight. I’ve been craving pizza for days now, and while Jay got himself a large pepperoni pizza, I got a kid’s meal instead:

I ate the whole thing–I hopped on the elliptical after we got home this evening, and was pretty hungry by the time the food got here. It hit the spot.

The next couple days are going to be busy. Tomorrow night I’m attending the Taste of Home Cooking School. I’m enough of a dork that I’ve been geeked about it for weeks. On Friday, I’m heading to Sioux Falls, to get more work done on Junior. And I’m planning on doing a little shopping for myself, as well as some grocery shopping at Pomegranate Market and Great Harvest. Assuming, of course, the work on the car doesn’t take too long!