“Here we come…Walkin’ down the street…”

We were debating on taking the bambino for a walk yesterday afternoon when Jay looked out our living room window, and noticed a funny sight across the street:

That would be a group of chickens. There’s a house at the other end of one of our blocks, and for awhile, it was abandoned & looked like it would either fall down, or should be condemned. It was up for sale, and someone bought it. The brush has been mostly cleared off the front & side yards and part of it has been painted. One morning when I was out for a run, I noticed fowl in the backyard. It’s got a “No trespassing” sign up, but the guys we’ve seen working on the place have always been friendly whenever we’ve walked past it. Yesterday, though, the chickens apparently organized an escape:

After we gawked for a few & went back inside, we decided to go for a walk, so we’d have an excuse to gawk more. The bambino decided to mouth off (as much as a 2-year-old can), so he spent some time up in his room (presumably to think about why saying certain things are naughty, but I heard a lot of dinosaur roars coming from the baby monitor, so I don’t think his punishment really registered with him), and we never went for our walk. I have no idea if the chickens’ owners managed to get them, or if Animal Control did.

I made stracciatella for last night’s dinner, using the last few carrots from our garden, and warming up a loaf of Pan Bigio I bought yesterday morning. I didn’t bother taking pictures of it because I’ve made it so many times. After I got the kitchen cleaned up, Jay & I attempted to oven-dry a bunch of his peppers. His plan is to buy a separate coffee grinder and make his own blend of pepper. I was a little nervous both about leaving the oven on all night long, as well as the potential fumes from the habaneros, but the peppers turned out fine:

We’ll give it a go again tonight, since Jay’s got a couple buckets’ worth sitting in our foyer at the moment.

For breakfast, I made my yogurt waffles:

I’m still working on using up that monster container of oats (It was hard to buy a canister half the size when I could get twice as much for less than a buck more), and waffles sounded like a good Sunday breakfast. I sometimes forget about my waffle iron, even though it was one of the first small appliances my Grandma Myra got me for Christmas one year. She also bought me my crock pot…And I wished she’d given me the Corningware she got Kendra one year (I think I got skillets, though). No matter. The waffles were delicious, and I have enough leftover to freeze and have for breakfast during the week.

I’m thinking they’ll make a good post-run breakfast with some Fage, some applesauce or chopped apples and cinnamon. And I suppose, it’s getting to be close to time to get ready for lunch with Jay’s folks. Even though I’m on vacation, I’m kind of looking forward to getting up early to go running tomorrow morning. And it’ll be nice that there’s only ONE load of laundry that I have to get done today. I can actually relax for the first time in about 4 years (the last true vacation I had was when Jay & I went to South Padre Island, Texas, and that’s the last time I was truly able to relax!)!!!