“I’m the taxman and you’re working for no one but me…”

Another year down. Yesterday, being Monday and all, was crap, as it always is. The only decent thing about it was my hair appointment after work. I was going to try and grow my hair out a bit, but it was getting thick in the back (which is really funny, since I have such fine, thin hair to begin with, but I’d been wearing it really short, with a LOT thinned out), and my bangs were driving me a bit bonkers. It’s better now, thankfully, but we’ll see if I make it 5 more weeks before my next appointment!

Today was far less crazy than yesterday, which I kind of expected. I got caught up on a few things, which is good. I also shared a few of these with some of my coworkers:

Raspberry-Hazelnut-Pecan Financiers. One of the cupcake cookbooks I got awhile back (actually Jay bought for me) had a section on financiers, and once I got my molds, I decided to make some. I liked them alright enough.

There’s also a recipe for Strawberry Praline Chocolate ones I also intended on making…But my strawberries went moldy before I could use them all, and I ended up eating the praline bar.

So raspberries and pecans it was! Still, I would like to eventually use the almond meal I spent $11 on!

I had a good weigh-in this afternoon, but I planned my meals horribly today. I had half of an omelet I made for breakfast, but I spaced off lunch. I decided to take some yogurt, almonds and berries…Except that I forgot my berries. By 2 o’clock this afternoon, I was starving. We ended up going to Guadalajara for dinner, because I was still so hungry by the time I got off work. So I’ve already blown through more of my WP, but it’s okay. As long as I do some activity, and I don’t eat myself out of house and home, I think I’ll be alright!

In the meantime, I’m off to bed. I just have one more day to work this week, then I’ve got myself a nice long weekend! We’re going to be heading to Sioux Falls Thursday to get some work done on the car, and we’ll head back on Friday to do some fun family stuff!