“Sleeping to escape reality…”

Ahh, precious, elusive sleep. I got maybe 5 hours Monday night. I went to bed before 10, stomped downstairs around 11:15, and finally crashed between 1 and 1:30 Tuesday morning. Fun times, I tell ya. Feckin’ insomnia. All day long, I had that heavy-lidded, slightly sick/I’m-coming-down-with-something feeling that always accompanies a lack of sleep.

Last night I made the decision while I was waiting for the repair guy to come out and look over our washer that I would NOT be cooking, and that we’d be heading out to eat. As usual these days, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Tonight, though, I decided we’d get back on track and I’d make a recipe that I came across in this month’s Food & Wine magazine–In an ad promoting travel to Peru, of all things.

Peruvian Steak & Potato Stir-Fry.

A nice twist on the traditional meat & potatoes combo that my husband and child seem to favor, that I’m trying desperately to move us away from, although if I could eat this every other night, I would do so happily. I inhaled a portion twice the size of what’s in the photo.

I would’ve liked to have tried the pickled jalapeƱos as the original recipe suggests, but I subbed one from our garden instead. It meant doing a tiny portion separate for the bambino, as I don’t think he’d’ve cared for the heat. I also ended up using dried cilantro, as I almost never keep fresh on hand.

It was good. Really good. Like, make-this-now good.
I seriously cannot wait to get back to the grocery store, just so I can get another steak and make this ASAP. Or, like I told Jay, I’ll get two steaks so I can double the recipe!