“Dust from a distant sun…”

I’ve already taken approximately 24 hours’ worth of vitamin D. I knew today was going to be dicey. Not only is it cloudy as all get-out, but we had some lovely freezing drizzle overnight that’s coated everything in ice. And not only has my SAD gone into overdrive, but also my GAD (that would be my generalized anxiety disorder). I managed to stave off a panic attack for the most part, although as we were headed home from Sunday dinner with Jay’s folks (I made him drive), I burst into tears. I hate this time of year, and I told Jay this afternoon that I wonder if I should go see a doctor about it. On the one hand, I feel like I’m being a big baby. There are plenty of people who do just fine living out here, and why I feel worse and worse each year, I don’t know. I do know that as a result of today, I will be forcing myself to get on the elliptical tomorrow morning. I kept busy today doing laundry and changing bedding, and cooking up some breakfast. The exercise will do me good. And it’s looking like we might get a nice break at the end of next week–Even though we’re supposed to get snow for the next couple days, and it’s going to be downright frigid on Thanksgiving Day!

And because I am (finally) tired of all my pants being too tight lately, and watching the scale creep ever-upward, I started my day with what is possibly my all-time favorite fruit:

I bought a couple grapefruit about a month ago, and they were not good at all. This beauty, however, was perfect. Sweet, juicy, deliciously perfect. I can’t wait to eat the other half tomorrow!

I made breakfast this morning since I haven’t done a good Sunday breakfast in awhile. It was simple, just some hash browns, sausage, and some biscuits. I suck when it comes to biscuit-making. I think I’m a pretty good baker, and any cookies, pies or cakes that I make always turn out fine. Biscuits are another story. I remember my grandfather telling me a story about my great-grandparents, and shortly after they were married, my great-grandmother made biscuits. My great-grandfather took a bite out of one, and made some comment to the effect of “These are nothing like my mother’s biscuits!” My great-grandmother told him that if he thought he could do better, he was welcome to take himself into the kitchen and get to work. And wouldn’t you know, he did just that, and made a better batch of biscuits! I suspect sometimes that I inherited my great-grandma’s biscuit-making skills, and not those of my great-grandfather. Still, I give them a try every so often, and this morning, I lucked out:

Okay, granted, the one on the far left in the back looks like my usual hockey-puck variety. But all the rest looked perfect. And tasted perfect! Flaky, crumbly, with just a hint of sweetness.

I can’t take credit for the sausage–That goes to the fine folks at Jones.

I really hope one of these days I can try the rest of their products. I’m still looking for a really good bacon, ever since Beeler’s changed theirs. And if their sausage is any indication, I’m sure Jones makes good bacon too.

In between all the errands we ran yesterday, and getting started on the laundry early, now that it’s a little after 7 this evening, I’m done with all the household chores, and not sure what to do with myself! I’m thinking that it’s probably a good idea for me to get to bed early tonight. Decent sleep will help me to get up early & work out tomorrow, and will help stave off my depression.