“I’m going where there’s no depression….”

Ugh. I had a post started for yesterday about my Valentine’s dinner “date” with the bambino, but I scrapped the majority of it and just left the Paul Westerberg video. Jay had to work, told me about a few things I hadn’t yet been privy to (and sorry to be all secretive about it, but they involve things I probably shouldn’t discuss on here, much as I want to rail and rant and punch a wall about them), and my evening pretty much went to Hell in a hand-basket. I did have some fun watching a couple TMBG DVDs with the bambino, and playing with my new toy:

Yeah, I know. Welcome to 2005. One of my credit cards had enough points on it that I could get it for “free.” Which explains why I need to pay down a crap-ton of debt over the next year, if we’re going to have another kid (no, I am not pregnant). But I’d been toying with the idea of getting one for awhile, just because unlike Jay, I’ve downloaded music from iTunes, but can’t play it on my RCA MP3 player. Which doesn’t matter for burning CDs or listening to anything at home, but when I was doing all that filing, I was annoyed that certain songs weren’t accessible to my MP3 player, all because of iTunes’ copyright stuff. So I thought I’d make it easier on myself. And I figured I’d get more use out of it than a restaurant gift card or something!

Since he had to cover a school board meeting last night, Jay wasn’t around last night for any Valentine’s Day celebrations–And we were both in foul moods anyway, because of the aforementioned family nonsense that sent our respective blood pressures skyrocketing. So instead, we decided on Family Movie Night and George’s for a belated Valentine’s Day dinner.

Plus a few treats for me. Complete with lens cap in the background. Because I’m such a great photographer.

It was really nice in light of today starting off like this:

Along with other stuff during the day that also sent my blood boiling. Somedays, it’s just really hard to avoid packing it all in (metaphorically, not literally) and just saying, “To hell with everything.” I should probably shut my mouth, and pretend everything is all sunshine and roses, but the truth is, it’s not. And what’s worse is that it’s all because of things that don’t directly affect me, and really shouldn’t bother me. But somedays, it seems like everyone around me gets to f*ck up or be completely irresponsible, and suffer no consequences, while I make one tiny mistake, and suffer the Wrath of the Gods. It wears on a person after awhile, and I told Jay last night that I really wish we had the money and resources to go ahead and implement our plans to venture off into the middle of wherever, and go off the grid right now. I don’t want to live on this planet any more.

But since we can’t do that yet, we ordered a bunch of food from George’s, shut the blinds and shut out the rest of the world for the night, and settled in with the bambino to watch “Rat Race.” I got my usual:

In case anyone cares, “Rat Race” is an incredibly silly movie…Perfect for a 4-year-old boy’s sense of humor…Lots of corny slapstick. But it was nice just relaxing with my two favorite people. And on that note, I’m going to go get into my day-after Valentine’s candy!