“I get to live the rest of my life like a schnook.”

Rest in peace, Henry Hill. I have to admit, I feel a little silly feeling bad about a mobster’s death. But when I read about it the other day, I felt sort of sad. On the one hand, the guy was a criminal and made no secret about it. On the other hand, there’s something illicitly exciting about that sort of lifestyle–Living dangerously I suppose can be kind of thrilling. Or maybe it’s just totally over-romanticized to us non-Italians–I don’t know. Regardless, I dug out the Wiseguy cookbook.

I’ve been wanting to make pasta since I read about Henry’s death, and while Jay and I are absolutely in LOVE with the manicotti recipe in here, I wanted to do something a little different. Enter the Oven Penitentiary Sauce with Sausage.

It does seem counter-intuitive to heat up the oven during June, especially when you don’t have central air in your house, but then again, I’m a bit weird in that I eat ice cream in the dead of winter, and I love hot soups in the summer. I had to add a few extra ingredients to my grocery list this week, but that’s okay.

I need to peruse my wine rack a little more often:

If memory serves, I believe Shari got me this bottle of Chianti for my birthday last year. I had a glass of it with dinner.

I don’t think that I cooked the tomatoes quite right…The sausages were perfect, and I think I’m going to broil all my sausages from now on:

I could’ve eaten those as-is. I should’ve cooked the sauce in a shallower dish, because it didn’t thicken as much as I was expecting it to. I used a little bit when I served the pasta, but I put the rest on a baking sheet and stuck it back in the oven for another 30 minutes. It looked more like pasta sauce, so I’ll keep it for the leftovers!