“(Not) Just Another Manic Monday…”

We went to see The Avengers yesterday afternoon (I very highly recommend it, if you’re looking for something fun), and after we left the theater, the bambino complained that his throat hurt. We chalked it up to some allergy drainage and him doing Hulk impressions during the movie. This morning, though, his voice was very hoarse/gruff-sounding, he’s hacking up a lung, and was very much out of sorts. So, I called my boss to tell him I wouldn’t be coming in today, and then called the clinic.

And not surprisingly, the bambino has a sinus infection, which in turn has infected one of his ears, and caused the sore throat by post-nasally dripping. Yay. It’s just one more thing, these days. I think our washer is dying a slow death, our lawn mower lost a wheel this afternoon (and Jay just had to replace the blade), we’ve also got a brake light out, and all the other stuff I think I rattled off in a previous entry that I’m too lazy to look up. It makes me want to hide under a rock. It really does seem like lately, we’re the Universe’s dumping ground for shite things that happen to people, all at once.

But some good came out of today. I forced myself to get up and go walking this morning. This afternoon, I actually took a nap. Can’t get the bambino to sleep to save his life, but around 1:30, I crashed. I didn’t even realize I was so exhausted! I don’t think I slept all that long, as I kept getting woken up every time I snored, but it took me forever to gather the energy to actually get up off the couch. I feel rather refreshed now, although I’m still tired.

And, I had enough time to make a decent dinner:

Stuffed shells. And I used my favorite marinara sauce:

. I am somewhat embarrassed that homemade marinara is not as difficult as I thought. Frank at Memorie di Angelina had a post on how easy it really is to make homemade tomato sauce. Over the weekend, I might try one of the recipes. I had a facepalm moment when I read that particular post. In the meantime, though, I relied on the folks at Amy’s for my sauce. And for the filling, I used Henry Hill’s Mom’s Manicotti recipe, because we all like it a LOT.

So very delicious. Very cheesy, very YUM (I know, horrid description, but it’s the best my brain could come up with!)!

I started off with four shells, went back for two more, and could only finish one. There are a ton of leftovers, which is good. There’s a couple days’ worth of lunch for Jay and I. Or maybe just me. I haven’t decided if I want to share. In the meantime, I hear Nutella and Nilla Wafers calling my name!