Thursday, Vacation Day

Ahh, there is nothing like the first full day of vacation. My mom got in a little after 5 last night…But her luggage decided to hang out in Chicago for a little while longer. American Airlines is ridiculous. My mom, along with about 6 hunters from out of state waited for over an hour for an employee to even show up at the ticket counter, to discuss lost baggage, along with assisting a family trying to check in for an international flight. Somehow, my mom found a number for AA (American Airlines, that is, not Alcoholics Anonymous) and spoke to someone about the missing employees. Apparently, the woman who eventually did show up had been in the back doing paperwork. Really? This (along with many other reasons) is why Jay and I have decided we’re not flying again any time soon. At least not as a family, anyway. We’ll roadtrip anywhere we might decide to go for future trips.

And in the end, we wound up having to drive back down to Sioux Falls this morning to go pick up my mom’s suitcase, which luckily was there and in one piece. It also gave me a chance to visit Great Harvest and Pomegranate Market. For whatever reason, my mom can’t eat whole wheat bread, so I thought I’d give their Farmhouse White a try:

I would love to have a bread slicing machine in my kitchen. It would make things so much easier. I also picked up some new almond butter:

I gave the bambino the option between this or the Cinnamon Vanilla Almond Butter. Obviously, he chose this one. I also got this, with the intention of eating it as a snack this afternoon:

All that deliciously creamy icing…

However, I’m still rather full from lunch, so I think I’ll just eat it for breakfast tomorrow. After leaving Great Harvest, we popped into Pomegranate, which is right next door. I really just wanted some ground beef:

And I picked up some chicken:

I do believe some Lemon Brown Sugar Chicken will be making an appearance sometime soon. I also thought I’d try some different Australian-style yogurt:

They used to carry Wallaby at Hy-Vee, but I haven’t seen it there in ages. I also picked up some bacon:

SoDak bacon this time. I think I’m going to make The Pioneer Woman’s meatloaf sometime this weekend. I also got some breakfast stuff:

And these:

Courtesy of the fine folks at Van’s. I did indeed get some coupons from them, and while I used one myself, and gave one to Katie, I have more that I’m going to be giving away soon. I just haven’t figured out when I want to do it yet!

I also got a few more things at Hy-Vee, but that’s so that the bambino and my mom can bake cookies sometime soon. I don’t know if they’re going to do it tomorrow or over the weekend. I didn’t photograph that stuff, though.

I have some pork chops in the oven at the moment, and they smell delicious! I just need to figure out some sides, though. I should go work on that!