“Welcome back to that same old place that you laughed about…”

I am SO excited that Cyndi, our department’s admin assistant, will be back tomorrow (her husband had surgery 2 weeks ago, and she’s been home helping him with PT and recovery). I joked that I was going to bake a cake to celebrate her return, and while I’m not going to bother with that, I think I might bake some chocolate chip cookies. I haven’t made actual cookies in awhile, and they just sounded really good. I checked my hours after I clocked out yesterday, and realized that once my holiday hours are added in, I’ll have averaged close to 45 hours/week for the past 2 weeks. Yikes! As such, once I check with Cyndi about it, and get the okay from my boss, I’m hoping to take off next Friday. I could use the break!

It’s been busy all week, and the weekend hasn’t really slowed down much. Thursday afternoon, I had a work meeting at The Pheasant again:

It was a nice break away from my desk, although my meeting lasted longer than I thought it would, and most of the time while I was there, I kept thinking of all that I needed to do when I got back. This time around, I just got some chicken strips:

With a side of buffalo sauce. I dunno what it is with me & wing sauce, but I can’t get enough of it! And I usually don’t like spicy stuff at all, but I’ll eat anything buffalo-sauced until my tongue bleeds!

Yesterday after I got home from work, we popped down to Sioux Falls. Jay’s had a rough go of it too, and he felt the need for some Texas Roadhouse. I was fine with that. There’s nothing at all healthy on their menu, but it’s so good.

And even though I don’t like honey, I really like the cinnamon-honey butter they have. The bambino really likes the peanuts:

Even though I’m not fooling anyone, I attempted to make my meal slightly healthier with the addition of a salad:

And a baked potato:

But it’s not exactly like you can really make a country-fried steak healthy:

Still, it was REALLY good. After we ate, I wanted to swing through World Market for some goodies.

My only real reason for going there was to look for custard powder, which I was able to find.

I’ve been wanting to make Custard Buttons, ever since I saw them on Marie’s blog. I don’t know if I’ll get around to them this weekend, but I’m going to make them soon.

I’m also curious to try these:

All salt & vinegar chips are not created equal, and over the years, I’ve found some I like a lot better than others (for example, the Hy-Vee brand Salt & Vinegar Kettle Chips are my current favorites, while I’m not overly fond of Kettle Chips). Every World Market employee who saw them in my hand or in the cart told me these Route 11 Chips are awesome. We’ll see. I’ve been good about not opening them yet, but I have a feeling I’ll be sampling them later today.

I’m also excited about having some of this with my oatmeal:

I have no idea if it’s just chocolate spread, or if there are nuts in it too. I’ll find out soon enough, though. I was really thrilled to see this, though:

I mentioned before I had never come across any of the Justin’s Nut Butters anywhere in SoDak. I even went so far as to email the folks at Justin’s to see if they’d send me any samples (no luck there, but maybe they’ll keep me in mind if/when they ever do send samples out). Imagine my shock & excitement at seeing the squeeze packs there in World Market! I bought one, even though it’s just peanut butter (all peanut butters are also not created equal). I’m trying to decide now what I want to use it on.

I didn’t bother with dinner last night–We ate early but we had enough food that we brought a good chunk of it back home. I also didn’t really work on my grocery list until this morning, which was fine. This was more of a stocking-up trip:

I’d planned on making the scones I bought yesterday for breakfast this morning, but the grocery shopping took a little longer than planned. Hy-Vee now has some little kiddie carts (I believe they have the same type at the Children’s Museum), and I let the bambino push one alongside me. He was so cute with it–He kept looking up at me with the biggest grin on his face, saying “I’m shopping wif you, Mama!” And even though he was running to keep up with me, I kept having to remind him to watch where he was going and to not run into other people. Jay let him have junk food (Jay’s junk food, that is) to put in his cart, and he was so proud of it! I was a little saddened, though…They didn’t have my Fage! Well, not the plain stuff, anyway. Cherry & Strawberry were available, but I don’t like cherry anything, and while the bambino really liked the strawberry, I found it too sweet for my liking. Over the last 2 weeks, while I was in a fog, I was eating quick breakfasts, and I discovered that a cup of Fage, topped with my homemade granola and a Larabar kept me full until I was able to take my lunchbreak. I was hoping to alternate that breakfast with oatmeal this week, but I guess I’ll have to check back and stock up once Hy-Vee gets more in!

And because in about an hour we’re headed over to Jay’s folks’ place (he’s going to help his dad clean out their gutters), and I still have laundry to do, cookies to bake, and dinner to fix, I’d better get crackin’!