A quasi-lazy afternoon

I love it when I get to leave work early, although on occasion, I feel like I’m playing hooky. This afternoon feels that way for some reason–Even though I do indeed have permission from my boss to be lounging about my house instead of being parked at my desk. The trade-off is that I’ll be working tomorrow, and even with having a shortened work week because of Columbus Day/Native American Day, I expect our statements to arrive sometime on Tuesday, so I’m going to be swamped next week. Plus, when I actually have the time, I can focus on writing up a decent post, as opposed to the drivel that I posted yesterday, for example. I need to remind myself that while it’s good to post with some frequency or regularity, sometimes it’s better to have a couple days’ gap and not post just for the sake of posting.

With my free afternoon, I chose to get the grocery shopping out of the way.

I have Fage again!!!! I’d stopped buying it for awhile because it’s one of the most expensive yogurts Hy-Vee carries (at least the one in Brookings, anyway…I think only Noosa is more expensive), and I’d rather sacrifice my yogurt indulgence and pick up a package of pork chops or something. But today, I decided to splurge.

Thanks to these three bags, I got a $2.00-off coupon towards my next grocery purchase at Hy-Vee. I do love my frozen potato products.

Cheap chicken. I bought 3 packs. It turns out that my mom will indeed be coming to visit on the 19th, so I figured I should start stocking up.

Produce…Including a bag of onions. I figured I’d get a bag even though we don’t eat onions–Neither Jay or myself likes the texture of them, but we like the flavoring. If I buy one onion at a time, even infrequently, it’s more expensive. I still have apples from my last jaunt to the store, but I thought pears would be a fun treat too. And I think Jay likes them almost as much as he likes pineapple.

The caramel dipping cups are for the bambino and I. I had an entire unopened package of them in the cupboard, but it expired back in August….Of 2010. Normally, I would still use them, but I also had a single one that I took to work last week, just to see if it was still any good. It wasn’t. Sugar was on sale today, so I got 2 bags. I figure, with all the baking I do, it never hurts to stock up. And the tomatoes are for tonight’s dinner, courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats. The Best Tomato Sauce. Ever.

The rest. Don’t laugh at the soda–It’s for Jay. I very rarely drink it anymore. If I’m out somewhere, occasionally I’ll get a Coke or root beer, but more often than not, I just get iced tea. Which is something I should probably make as I have a buttload of sugar with which to sweeten it!

After I picked up Jay and the bambino, I cleaned up the kitchen and got to work on dinner.

I was afraid that the tomatoes wouldn’t break down all that much, but they did. I do think the next time I make this, I might use something a little higher in quality than just the Hy-Vee brand.

It was pretty good, for something so simple. I did throw some Parmesan on top of it, and made toast from some roasted garlic bread. For dessert, we had something called Snickers Pie.

An Oreo crust, mini-marshmallows, and chocolate pudding mixed with Cool-Whip. At least that’s what I’m guessing it was made from. It was good…I’m kind of tempted to go back for seconds on it.

We’re having some rather wacky weather this evening. It’s been windy as all get-out today, and when I popped outside to take the dessert pictures, I noticed how breathtaking the sky was:

Very ethereal. That picture doesn’t do it justice at all.

And I just got word from my sister that my dad’s back in the hospital again. Dammit, for almost 3 months he’s been in and out because of this that or the other gastro-intestinal issue, and for whatever reason, his doctors can’t fix him. I’m not religious at all, but I am praying with every fiber of my being that this is the last time my dad has to be hospitalized for a very long time.