“You’ve got a nasty disposition…”

I will warn you that this is going to be one of those whiny, self-serving, “oh poor me” posts….Hey, it’s my blog, I’m paying for it, I’ll write what I want! *insert slightly sarcastic grin here* And then I’m going to go get myself some breakfast, and get some dough going in my bread machine, as I feel the need for some French bread with tonight’s dinner (the┬ábaked eggs in tomato cups I’ve been putting off making for a couple days now).

Anyway…This post is semi-inspired by a post from Eden’s Eats which had me laughing in the break room at work. I also started carrying around a little journal so as to scribble in it all the random thoughts that pop into my head that are blog-related. The mini Dr. Martens journal my friend Annette picked up for me in London works perfectly for that purpose (and I finally had an excuse to use it after about 12 years!).

I drew up a list of things that annoy the bejeezus out of me (and yet for some, I can’t quite put my finger on why), because occasionally, I like to rant & complain (as is evidenced by the title of my blog), even if no one listens, or people just roll their eyes at me. Today, I finally felt the need to put it out there for all the world to see:

  • My sudden inability to crack eggs. I’ve been cracking eggs a long time. Probably a good 25 years (dear God that makes me sound old!). For some reason, for about the past 6 months or so, almost every time I crack an egg, the shell shatters and I’m faced with the also-annoying task of fishing out miniscule pieces of eggshell from whatever I’m making!
  • The fact that in my almost-35 years on this earth, the only thing I have ever won has been 2 tickets to see Paul Westerberg when I was 18. And don’t get me wrong–I love and adore Paul Westerberg, so I was very happy to have gotten the chance to see him in concert (especially since this was during his tour for 14 Songs, and unless some miracle occurs, I’ll never have the chance to see the Replacements live). But dang it, no matter how many blog giveaways I enter, I have yet to win a single thing. I’m almost at the point where I don’t bother much any more, just because it’s useless. Really, am I ever going to win a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer from The Pioneer Woman? Not when I’m competing with 45,000 other people for 1 of 3!
  • And speaking of giveaways, another thing is those people who apparently can’t or don’t read. I see this mainly with The Pioneer Woman’s giveaways, just because of the sheer volume of people (myself included) who enter them, but I alternately laugh and scold those people whose timestamps are very obviously AFTER the entry period for the giveaway has ended.
  • This has nothing to do with blogging, but people who never seem to get their figurative comeuppance. And I’m just going to leave it at that, lest I open a very large can of worms.
  • How people seem to juggle an hour or so of exercise with meal planning & preparation, and having a life. Okay, I will grant that my time management skills pretty much suck. And I probably shouldn’t beat myself up too much…I work full-time, and I have a child. It’s hard to carve out time for myself or to sit and plan meals/grocery lists/do meal prep when I’m trying to balance spending a couple hours a day with my son, and getting some food on the table before 7pm! I do see this a lot more with younger bloggers or those who haven’t started families yet, but even still. I suppose it all boils down to priorities, and right now at least, running around playing Clone Troopers or helping Batman & Robin escape from Carnotaurs is more important to me than making sure I get 30 minutes of exercise in each day.
  • Stupid acronyms. OAIJ? SIAB? Really? I’m just not with-it enough to bandy those about (and it took me forever to figure out what they meant!). And I’m sorry, but once I empty a jar of peanut butter, I do not hang onto it, for the purpose of fixing my oatmeal in it. For one, I don’t always like peanut butter in my oatmeal. I’m sure I’ll catch hell from the blogging gods for this, but I don’t always buy plain oats (*gasp!*). When I went grocery shopping Saturday morning, I bought more Cinnamon Roll flavored oats. Yes, they’re instant. Yes, they’re semi-artificially flavored. They taste like a Cinnabon in a bowl (CIAB?), and I daresay they’re healthier. And while I sometimes like sprinkling cinnamon-sugar on my peanut butter toast, I just don’t think the peanut butter and Cinnamon Roll oatmeal would work.
  • Nut Butters. I love nuts. I love peanut butters. However…I live in South Dakota, also sometimes known as the middle of nowhere (Or as my great-aunt once said “The end of the world.” But she & my uncle lived in Pierre, and since I’ve never been west of Mitchell, maybe Pierre really is that bad. I don’t know.). I do not have access to most of the nut butters I often see prominently featured on many blogs. Justin’s? Barney Butter? Heck, my jaw dropped when I found Dark Chocolate Dreams in the Wal-Mart! Unless they’re available in Sioux Falls somewhere, I probably will never lay eyes on them unless I make a point of seeking them out the next time I am visiting family in Ohio. I can’t justify the costs of online orders for something I may or may not like.
  • And what is it about a lot of food bloggers doing the bulk of their grocery shopping at either Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods? I was discussing this with a couple of friends one day, and we all have the impression that you can’t really be taken seriously as a food blogger unless your groceries include 95% produce, and they all come from farmers markets, Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. I do shop at the Brookings Farmers Market often. It’s grown considerably in the almost-6 years that I’ve lived here. While it’s a minor inconvenience to me, I like the fact that for 2 weeks in a row, I’ve lost out on farm fresh eggs because I haven’t gotten there in time. But again, I live in South Dakota. I have never set foot in a Whole Foods, as they opened in Ohio AFTER I moved away. I have been to Trader Joe’s (also in Ohio), but it’s been a few years. It’ll be at least a year if not longer before I’m able to go back. The Hy-Vee I shop at does the best they can–Heck, I like to think that my customer request I filled out last week is the reason Fage was in the store this week!
  • Swag or freebies. I’ve gotten a few random things here & there, but I don’t get boxes of yogurt or bags of chips just delivered to my door. I realize that in the world of food blogging, I am a newbie, a peon. I have a small following (I have to say that I do like the fact that I actually know in person the vast majority of my readers). And I know I’m never going to be at the level of some of the bigger, more popular bloggers out there (let me also just state for the record that this comment is NOT intended for anyone reading to pat my hand and pump up my ego–I’m just being realistic. The bigger bloggers pretty much blog for a living. That’s not something that is possible for me to devote time or energy to at this point in my life.), but more goodies would be nice now & then. What can I say? I’m poor and I like freebies! Which is why I probably will still continue entering giveaways, because I like free stuff. And I like fun packages in the mail.

I think that will do for now…I need to go and have some of those Cinnamon Roll oats and get my French bread dough started! And if I start the laundry now…I could conceivably be done with it around 1 this afternoon, which means I can either sit on my duff for the rest of the afternoon or whip up some form of dessert…For some reason, cake sounds really good. Hmmm….