Lunch, Dinner, and a Few Things In-Between

There really are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I’d like. Between working out in the mornings (I am happy to say that I have been keeping up with the Shred…I’m almost done with Level 1, which is not much, and I’d like to be doing Level 2 now, but hey…It’s more activity than I’ve done in years, and I’m actually seeing results. My abs have slight definition now. I’ve NEVER had definition in my abs before. But underneath the squishy mommy belly, there is muscle where once there was only flab.), working at my job, either running errands or trying to spend time with my family, and still get a decent night’s sleep, there’s just not enough time. So when I feel the time crunch, it’s the blog that gets neglected, which is both good and bad. I’m obviously not a full-time blogger (perhaps one day), so at least it isn’t my livelihood, but it is my creative outlet, and my journal of sorts, and if I don’t spend part of my day writing, I get a little twitchy and “off.”

And while I’ve been cooking (except for today), I haven’t taken much in the way of pictures. I did make some iced coffee a few mornings ago and it turned out better than I thought.

I used a smaller-scale version of The Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Iced Coffee. I just cold-brewed mine in my French press overnight, and added in some of that Caramel Latte Milk. It hit the spot on a warm morning, although I needed more coffee once I got to work.

Today, I went out for lunch at Sun-Dried Tomato Pizzeria.

I’d never been there before–One of my co-workers felt the need to repay me for all the treats I’m constantly bringing into work (that, and he apparently lost a bet with another coworker, so we got a free meal), which was completely unnecessary, but I’m not one to turn down free food! I got a Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza, which was pretty much a pizza margherita:

It was really good. Nice and garlicky (which had me wishing for my toothbrush once we were done eating!), with pops of freshness from the basil. I would go back and get that again in a heartbeat.

And while I had every intention of cooking when I got home this evening, at the last minute, I decided I was in the mood for tacos:

So, off we went to Guadalajara. It too was really good, but I almost never have a complaint about that place. When we were finished there, I decided I needed to continue gorging myself, so we went to the store to pick up ice cream:

Because who doesn’t like to eat an entire pint of ice cream once they’ve stuffed themselves with tacos, chips and salsa? Oh, that’s just me. I need to go and put on elastic waist pants, and actually PLAN what I’m going to cook tomorrow! Good night!