“In the afternoon so fine…”

Back to the grind yesterday…For once, the day after a holiday wasn’t crazy and chaotically stressing. I was glad I had a hair appointment after work, though. It was still a long day, and I looked forward to my mini-massage. In fact, after my stylist (Amelia at Sunflower–Go and see her, if you’re in Brookings) was done washing my hair, and I stood up to go back to the chair, I’d relaxed and zoned out enough, she thought I was going to tip over!

All three of us got haircuts, actually, over the course of the past couple days. I finally made Jay and the bambino get theirs cut on Monday. I had to laugh at the bambino’s chatter with his stylist…He was being very good, but it’s funny the things that are important to little people…Like telling random strangers about how after you get your hair cut, you’re going to the store with your mom and dad to pick up toilet paper! At least it wasn’t anything more embarrassing, I guess!

Monday was also the day I did a bad, bad thing…I did go ahead and order myself a new camera. The deal through Costco was just too good to pass up, and yeah, I probably should’ve waited until I got my bonus check next month, but I couldn’t. Even with paying a non-member surcharge, the cost of the camera package was still less than the cost of the camera through Olympus’s website. And I also justified it because we decided in 2012, we’re (seriously, this time) going on a budget, paying down some of our credit cards (which we’ve both let get a little out of hand lately), and getting to a point financially where we can afford the daycare for a second baby. No, I’m not pregnant yet, and I don’t plan to be for close to a year. Gods willing, and all that. I figured that if I’m going to get the camera, do it now, before I put us on a spending freeze!

This morning, the bambino and I got ready extra-early, so that we could pop out to Buttercrust. It’s Wednesday, which means brioche and chocolate babka, which I was hoping to get my hands on. Unfortunately, neither was ready when we got there at 7:25. We got some treats instead (cream horn for me, and chocolate croissant for him), and I decided I’d go back on my lunch break. I even traded with Cyndi, which meant I could go earlier. Still no brioche, though! I was already planning on going back after work, in order to get more milk:

And on the counter, there were about 6 loaves of brioche!

I know–Poor food photo on my part. I don’t want to open the bag until I’m ready to eat breakfast tomorrow, and while I’m dying to have a slice, I’m stuffed from dinner:

The bambino asked very nicely if we could go to Guadalajara, and I obliged him. I was SO hungry by the time we got there–eating lunch at 11:30 just kills me! That, and the fact that I just ate some leftover mashed potatoes and Reese’s Miniatures. I didn’t plan very well. There are still plenty of leftovers I can scavenge for tomorrow!