“On a Tuesday morning…”

Actually it’s Tuesday evening now, and I should be getting ready for bed. But it’s been a little hectic. We had to gather all the necessary supplies so that (weather permitting) the bambino can go swimming tomorrow at daycare. Which meant getting some little swimmer diapers, sunscreen, etc. And he needed regular diapers. After popping by the store, I decided to let Guadalajara do the cooking for us. They recently remodeled, and while I don’t have pictures of the old interior, the new expansion is rather colorful:

The bambino especially liked the new decor:

Luckily, the food was excellent as always:

Chicken tacos. And no beans, as I am anti-refried bean. Anti-pinto bean in general. Some days, I wish I liked them, since they’d be a super-cheap source of protein, but I’d rather have meat.

And after that, we came home, I changed out of my work clothes rather quickly and dashed off to get my hair cut:

And for once in a self-portrait, I’m NOT wearing a black t-shirt. Go figure. It was much nicer this time around, as I was not hacking up a lung, I could breathe, and my stylist & I had a nice chat about stuff!

Now that I have another load of laundry under my belt, everything is set for tomorrow morning, and all I have left to do is wash my face & brush my teeth, I’m off to bed.