“And I ran…I ran so far away….”

It’s been kind of a weird week, so I have a collection of meals and other stuff for the past week. My Wednesday lunch:

Thursday’s lunch (a grill-out courtesy of the bank for which I work):

A cookbook that Shari no longer wanted (but that I’ve been wanting myself for awhile):

The cookbooks I ordered for myself last week:


The last meal I cooked myself this week:

The BBQ sauce I made to brush on the chicken:

The shoes I bought this morning

because I’ll need them for this…And because I eat too many of these:

The other pair of shoes I bought (both because they were half-off, and because I heart anything black & white, as well as anything plaid):

And now I’m off to figure out what to do with some of the chicken I bought at the store this morning. Back later!