“You got to be startin’ somethin’…”

I really like that Hy-Vee’s playing 80’s music in the store now. Especially when they play obscure Depeche Mode songs, although I didn’t hear any this morning. I obviously heard Michael Jackson, though!

But let me back up to yesterday. For most of the day, we were all incredibly sluggish and didn’t do anything. Jay’s been feeling sick since we came back from Sioux Falls Friday afternoon, and after all that running around & shopping, I was pretty wiped myself. I had gotten up early, because I was thinking of either exercising or cleaning up the kitchen (I didn’t do either). At one point, while making my coffee and looking out the kitchen window, I thought the full moon looked creepily Halloweenish, so I popped outside to snap a picture:

Instantly I felt rather guilty for backing off the Hobo Day 5K, because it was warm enough out that there wouldn’t have really been any issue with running, other than the fact that I am a lazy sod (and I got sick, which just gave me more of an excuse to slack). I am still feeling guilty today, because I ran into Hal this afternoon and he actually completed the 5K. So now I kind of feel like I don’t have a choice about doing the Thanksgiving Day 5K.

And because yesterday was Hobo Day & the bambino loves parades, we got dressed, walked up to the bank, and nabbed a spot in front. We only had to wait maybe 10 minutes (which included me making a dash to the gas station across the street for drinks for us) before the parade made its way down the street:

The second year that I worked in the new building on Hobo Day, Jay walked up with a 9-month-old bambino, who was entranced by the drums in all the bands (he fell asleep when all the fire trucks drove past, though).

Last year when the Pride went by, he air-drummed along with them. This year, he watched intently:

Even when the Brookings High School band came by:

And this year, he was even more into the fire trucks and waved at a couple as they went by:

This one’s just for you, Mom:

We left shortly after the politicians started parading by, so I don’t know if Stephanie Herseth Sandlin or Scott Heidepriem took part in the parade, but I found it rather telling that 2 fairly big Republicans were in the parade (Dennis Daugaard being the other, but I didn’t take his picture). And this doesn’t mean I’m Republican or anything–The only real reason John Thune’s picture is on here (besides giving my mom something to flip off when she gets to this point in my blog entry!) is to show that the Hobo Day parade is a pretty big deal for Brookings and SoDak in general. After all, Thune’s not up for reelection this year, and Brookings isn’t even his hometown (it is Herseth Sandlin’s hometown though).

Anyway, right about at that point, it started raining, so we decided to walk back home. Of course, by the time we got back home the rain stopped, but we didn’t do much after that. The bambino played, I made lunch, he kept playing, Jay played Civ V, I made dinner, Jay & the bambino watched Star Wars, and then we pretty much all went to bed!

This morning, the bambino & I got up to go grocery shopping, and I was extremely pleased with the results:

Except for the fact that they STILL don’t have my Fage Total back in stock. I like the full-fat stuff! 2% is good, but I like the thicker creaminess of the full-fat Total. Oh well. I am also pleased to report that even with that pack of diapers in the background, I came in under $40:

Which is good, as this is one of those weeks where the $40 budget wasn’t a suggestion–It was a necessity. After I got some stuff in the kitchen cleaned up, I made some breakfast:

I’m not really sure why I bought Beeler’s this time, instead of Jones. We actually have some leftover (which doesn’t happen when I buy Jones), which either myself or Jay can have tomorrow. I also used some Cinnamon Chip to make French toast:

Holy cow was this good! I could’ve probably eaten 2 more pieces of it (I had 2 to start with and 3 slices of sausage), but I knew we were going to Jay’s mom & dad’s in a few hours, and I didn’t want to not eat there. I’m kind of excited about Sioux Falls having a Great Harvest location…I’m going to have to go back & try more of their breads soon!

And in about 15 more minutes I’ll have the laundry done, I’ve got some cookie bars made, and I can get started on dinner. Once I give the bambino a bath, I can spend the rest of the evening relaxing!