Of Bacon Muffins, Juicing and Laundry

I am still in my pajamas and I haven’t showered since Friday morning before work. Yes, it’s kind of gross, but y’know, some weekends, it’s kind of nice to be a complete slug. I did the grocery shopping yesterday, did some organizational stuff on the blog, and weaseled out on dinner. I did not make the Spicy Mexican Pie as was my intention…Instead I made pancakes, with some help from the bambino. They were good. Had I not already decided on tonight’s meal, I’d just make it tonight. However, for once, I’m going to stick to my menu, and I’ll use that recipe another time.

As I also mentioned yesterday, for breakfast this morning, I made The Pioneer Woman’s Bacon Onion Cheddar Biscuits.

Wow. Talk about DELICIOUS! I broke out my juicer as well. I had some strawberries that needed to be used up, and I was craving citrus, so I tossed a couple grapefruit in with some oranges.

It was slightly tart, but sweet, too. It went well with the biscuits & hash browns I also fixed:

I’m kind of excited that there were a few leftovers, so that I can have a quick & easy breakfast over the next few days.

I’ve got the laundry mostly done. The last two loads are in process–One’s drying & whenever that’s finished, I’ll switch the other over. In the meantime, I’ve been looking through that stack of magazines Diana let me borrow, and picked out a few recipes I either need to copy or photocopy. One of these days, I’m probably going to need another recipe binder. I got new printer ink with some of my bonus check, and have already printed out a bunch of recipes that I’ve had waiting in the wings, so to speak.

I made the decision this morning that we aren’t eating out any more–Unless it’s during a trip to Sioux Falls, or a special occasion. I’m also going to try to buy healthier snacks, and avoid the vending machine at work. And I’m going to go back to tracking what I eat, with the intent of eating better. My health assessment gave me quite a kick in the butt, and I’ve spent the past week wallowing in self-pity. Enough is enough. I didn’t pack on an extra 30 pounds overnight. I won’t take it off overnight. But if I don’t start now, I won’t ever take it off. I’ve had a FitDay account for years now, and used it off & on. When I use it, it works–Kind of like one of the basic ideas in Weight Watchers–“If you bite it, write it.” I’ll spend the next 2 weeks working on getting used to writing what I eat & tracking my calories. Then I’ll work on adding in exercise. I’m hoping that in spring, if/when this stupid snow ever melts, I can start running again, which should help, too. And maybe I’ll actually complete a 5 K at some point this year!