Today’s special…

More busy-ness over the past couple days. I’ve been readying things for my dad to come and visit, and after a delay (go figure), his flight arrived in Sioux Falls last night at 6.30. We popped over to Culver’s for dinner, just because by the time we got out of the airport and all, it was after 7, and we still had a 45-minute drive back to Brookings. But he’s all settled in, and relaxing and resting! Jay will have to work the rest of the week, but as of 5 PM this afternoon, I am done until next Tuesday! Woo hoo!

Because of all the preparations for my dad’s visit, I haven’t been cooking as much as I should. Monday night, we had burgers. Tonight, Jay fired up the grill, and we had burgers again. I’m thinking we eat too much beef, but hey. It’s good. I’m going to make spaghetti tomorrow night, just for a little change of pace. Sometime soon, I do need to sit and make a grocery list, and go shopping. I’ve been trying out a new breakfast (courtesy of a Weight Watchers recipe I got in last week’s meeting, and it’s only 4 points), so I haven’t exactly needed snacks or anything:

An egg, scrambled, topped with 2 Tbsp. of Monterey Jack cheese and some taco sauce (or hot sauce if you prefer), folded nicely in a pita.

Okay, so that’s not folded. My Bible Bread has a habit of cracking when I fold it in half, so I left it open-faced there. But that’s what I’ve had each morning this week, although the rest of my eating habits haven’t exactly done me much good. I didn’t gain anything this week, but I didn’t lose anything either. Oh well.

I’ve got a few things on the agenda to try out in the near future…My friend Katie went to the Twin Cities over the weekend, and when she mentioned her plans to go to Ikea, I asked if she’d pick me up some lingonberry preserves (any time I hear the word lingonberry, I want to quote The Big Lebowski: “I’ll have ze lingonberry pancakes.”).

I’m going to make another puffed-oven-pancake/German pancake/Dutch baby/whatever-you-want-to-call-it, and go with Dan-from-IslandEAT’s suggestion of topping it with lingonberry preserves. And maybe have some bacon on the side as well.

Just this morning, my friend Melissa (I told her I’d give her a shout-out on here, and if she’s okay with it, I’ll post the recipe as well) gave me a recipe for a cheesecake that is awesome for the fact that you pop in into the oven & bake for a little while, then drop the temp for a little while longer, then just turn the oven off and walk away! I’ve yet to attempt anything in a springform pan, but hopefully my dad & Jay will be willing guinea pigs and I’ll give it a go before next week. I kind of promised that when I came back to work from my mini-vacation, I’d bring cheesecake with me. So I need to practice!

And while I’m shamelessly plugging people or pining for things I want, I need/want more kitchen utensils (like I need a hole in my head)…Featured as Foodbuzz’s Daily Special, if I had an extra $45 burning a hole in my pocket, I’d’ve already ordered them! I’ve got plenty of wooden utensils to use on my nonstick cookware, but sometimes I’d like something with a little more heft to it.

And on that note, I think I’ll grab my large cup of water (not that I haven’t already had enough today, but I’m suddenly really thirsty), and go finish watching Raiders of the Lost Ark (my all-time favorite movie, in case anyone wants to know or cares) with Jay & my dad!