“Black coffee in bed…”

I’ve noticed I’m getting a fair number of hits lately, from people searching for “I am a paleontologist, that’s who I am.” Since I’m pretty sure it’s due to the Payless commercial featuring the song, I figured I’d help some folks out & tell them it’s from They Might Be Giants’ album Here Comes Science. And it happens to be one of the bambino’s favorite songs, both because he’s really into dinosaurs right now, and at the moment, he does want to be a paleontologist when he grows up.

Jay & I spent today down in Sioux Falls, doing some shopping. We hit a couple stores before my baked oatmeal breakfast wore off and I needed to eat. We opted for Johnny Carino’s, which we haven’t been to in probably a year or so.

Those 2 items right there are reason enough for me to eat there. WAY better than breadsticks from Olive Garden. We got some Italian sausage sliders:

Which were REALLY good…In spite of the peppers & onions on them. I just pulled those off. As I was taking that photo, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Jay had just gotten up to go to the bathroom & I thought it was him–Nope. It was my friend Sandy, who also happens to be on vacation this week, and also happened to be in Sioux Falls for the day! I probably should’ve stopped after the slider, which was big enough that I was getting full after just that one. But then we got paninis:

Jay had a Chicken Parmesan Panini, and I got the Meatball Panini. It was GOOD. Really good. Like I want to replicate it at home some evening. Same with the Parmesan fries. I ate about half of each (the fries & the sandwich) and brought the leftovers home. It’s about 4 hours later and I’m STILL stuffed, primarily because I made us go here afterwards:

CherryBerry! I had no idea until Abby told me last week that Sioux Falls had a frozen yogurt place. I remember when TCBY opened in Cincinnati, and was about a 5-minute drive from where we lived until I was in 6th grade. I’d always get the chocolate yogurt with Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup pieces. Today, though, faced with several choices of flavors and toppings, I chose Cheesecake & Triple Chocolate with some chocolate chips:

It was delicious. And I can’t wait to get back there! Our last stop before leaving Sioux Falls was at World Market. I had a $10 coupon off $30 I spent. So I stocked up on a few things…Like baking stuff:

And some cookies of the chocolate-hazelnut variety:

Some coffee treats:

A small bag of kettle chips:

They looked fun. And it’s a small enough bag that I won’t feel like total crap if I eat the whole thing! I also bought myself some new ramekins:

$3 for a set of 4, so I bought 2 sets. I have a set of 4 larger blue ones that my best friend Barbee gave me a couple years ago, but these will match my dishes a little better, and I now have 8 of them.

And while I’m not remotely hungry (in fact, I think those chips are going to wind up being my dinner, and maybe some wafer cookies), I think Jay & the bambino might like some dinner. They’re watching Independence Day, and the bambino requested popcorn during the movie. So I’ll go make them some sandwiches, get my chips, and get some laundry going!