Wednesday Rambles

Parking Lot Looking North

Greetings! I almost feel like I should make this a weekly check-in thing – Seeing as blogging’s kind of the last thing on my to-do list these days. Is this something those of you still lurking about would like? I’m only doing it today because I have about an hour to kill before a dentist appointment. Then it’s off to work for the rest of the day.

I barely recall what was going on when I last posted anything. It’s been a little insane for the past couple of weeks/months. I’m still journaling away, though not as much as I would like/usually do. That’s mainly because of work.

We’re in Spring Rush (AKA baseball season), a newer concept in our group. When I first started, our group was separated by market, and I worked primarily with gas price/time and temperature displays, and message centers. The group handling high schools and parks and recreation facilities was separate. About two years ago, we merged, and now we all handle calls for both groups.

But that means because of schools and summer sports, we’ve got two seriously busy periods – Spring Rush and Fall Rush. I know I’ve talked about the blurry nightmare that is Fall Rush before. Spring Rush is not quite as bad, but we are still having to do mandatory overtime, which means I’m working on Fridays through the middle of May.

Weekends are now usually spent with me being a pile/recovering from the week and doing the bare minimum of ANYTHING on Saturdays, and then spending Sunday afternoon scrambling to get everything done by ten or ten-thirty so I can come down from the day, and if I’m lucky, fall asleep by eleven. And Jay and the bambino typically spend the day playing video games.

We finally joined the ranks of every other family out there, and a few months ago, bought an X-Box. Jay never had any platform gaming system aside from an Atari 2600 (remember those?), and instead grew up playing PC versions of games. We too had an Atari 2600 that I remember working/playing well into the late 80s before it finally gave up the ghost.

We had a Nintendo when I was in high school, and when I was in college, and couldn’t think of anything else for Christmas, I asked for a Playstation. I loved that thing. I got as many versions of “Tetris” as I could, and when I wasn’t faffing about on my old dial-up computer, I would spend HOURS playing “Tetris.” I had a serious case of “Nintendo Thumb” because of it.

For Christmas, the bambino had gotten a couple LEGO Dimensions figure/game-packs, but without the necessary platform or actual gaming system, he couldn’t do much more than just play with the figures. He came to me one day, and told me he was going to start saving up, so he could get it himself. We came to the agreement that if he could save up half, we’d kick in the other half. 

He got lucky and Costco had a really good tax-refund deal on one that we surprised him with one weekend. He still has to repay his half, but we fronted the full cost of it so he could get it before all the LEGO Dimensions expansion packs become obsolete. And he is having a blast with it. There does not seem to be an X-Box version of “Tetris” available right now, so Jay and the bambino are the primary users.

I know I mentioned in my last post about the horrible winter that would. not. let. go. The middle of March brought us an horrific storm of historic proportions. The “bomb cyclone” or the equivalent of a land hurricane dropped a bunch of snow on us and caused enough flooding that part of Interstate 29 is still closed in Nebraska because of flooding issues after all the snow melted.

And then just two weeks ago, THE SAME THING HAPPENED AGAIN. WHICH ALSO HAPPENED AT THIS SAME TIME LAST YEAR. And yes, I’m STILL bitter about it.

Coincidentally, we had another weekend in Omaha planned, but this year we lucked out. The stupid blizzard happened early enough in the week, that by the weekend, we were able to head to Omaha, so that (once again), we could meet The Mads from MST3K:

Pic with Trace and Frank

(If you’re wondering about my shirt, just watch this, and it’ll make sense)

I probably never mentioned this since I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon for so long, but right before Christmas, we had a new roof put on. It’s forever windy in South Dakota (because of a lack of trees to slow it down), and about two years ago, some shingles slipped out of place. Jay was unable to nail them back into place, so they just hung there for awhile.

Well, at some point, the ceiling right above the bambino’s bed started leaking, and he freaked out, thinking the roof might collapse on him while he slept. Plus, that part of the house is old enough that we have plaster walls. My dad had plaster walls and a roof that leaked, and it was an expensive pain in the arse to repair. 

We got an estimate from a company who also does B-a-t removal. You will recall, we’ve had some issues with t-h-e-m in the past. Well, when the roofing company was done, they also installed an escape for t-h-e-m to get out in the spring, when they awaken from hibernation.

Escape Hatch

Unfortunately, there’s no way to really tell when they’re all out. And they did warn us that if one burrowed deep enough within our walls, it might be disoriented when it woke, and would look for the first possible exit…Which could be inside the house. And that is exactly what happened over the weekend.

Jay had to go into work for a little bit Sunday morning, and I was working on laundry. After he left, I switched over clothes and told the bambino I would take a shower, so that by the time Jay got back home, we could pop out to run a couple errands. I went into the bathroom, started the shower, climbed in, and drew the shower curtain closed.

I was just about to dunk my head under the water when I noticed a dark shadow on the liner, in between it and the shower curtain.

I shut the water off, opened the curtain as carefully as I could while shaking and screaming and trying to grab a towel, and barreled past Jay who’d just gotten home and stuck his head in to find out what the hell was happening. I sat in the living room shaking and crying before the bambino and I went upstairs so Jay could deal with it

I am STILL freaked out enough by it that just from typing that out, I’m shaking and my stomach is flip-flopping.

Afterwards, we went shopping for a new shower curtain and liner, because I assume Jay just wrapped it up and took it outside. I don’t know. I don’t want to know. I was ready to burn the house down and walk away, because I do not want to shower in my bathroom ever again.

However, for the sake of everyone around me, I make Jay clear the room before I will go in each morning. We also now have a clear liner and white shower curtain. I haven’t decided yet it if I’m going to regret that, should this happen again.

Which it better not. Or there’s very quickly going to be a fully-furnished house on the market for the first person who can pay the asking price in cash!

(Just kidding – Though after that and the long winter, I have decided my days in South Dakota are numbered, and when the bambino is done with high school, we are moving.)