“In brightest day, in blackest night…”

He’s been waiting for this movie for ages, so as part of his Father’s Day gift, the bambino & I took Jay to see Green Lantern this afternoon.

They both were excited about it–The bambino even brought his Green Lantern along for the ride down to Sioux Falls (although poor Green Lantern had to hang out in the hot car while we watched the movie).

I didn’t mind it–Ryan Reynolds is easy on the eyes, and while I thought it could’ve been a little shorter, I liked it well-enough. It cracks me up that each one of us has our own favorite superhero–Jay’s obviously is Green Lantern, the bambino LOVES Batman & my favorite is Wolverine. Sadly, I’ve only ever seen the 1st X-Men movie. That needs to be remedied sooner rather than later. If I’m going to indulge the 2 of them with their superheros, the least they can do is return the favor!

After the movie, we popped into Texas Roadhouse, for a very late lunch. I told Jay he could eat wherever he wanted, but he kind of let the bambino pick. Which was fine. That’s where they took me for Mother’s Day. I’m a big fan of bread in general, but there’s nothing like fresh-baked dinner rolls and cinnamon honey butter.

I started in on my entrée before I remembered to take a picture. We all kind of just grazed before we headed to Sioux Falls, and we split the junior-sized popcorn (which was still $5!) during the movie, so we were all a little hungry by the time we got to the restaurant.

That would be the Chicken Critters & a loaded baked potato. With a side of applesauce.

After we were done eating, we ran some errands. The bambino got some new summer clothes, and I picked up a few things at Target. My friend Erin told me about a new flavor of Ben & Jerry’s that’s apparently only available at Target:

I’m still bitter about the loss of the Edy’s Dreamery Tiramisu ice cream. It’s been probably 8 years since I’ve had it, and I’ve been PRAYING to the ice cream gods for someone to come up with another tiramisu flavored ice cream (at least until I get around to buying my own ice cream maker…Then, I’m making my own!). So even though we had an hour drive back to Brookings, I bought a pint. I also bought a spoon, so I could indeed eat it on the way home.

Actually, I bought a 4-pack of spoons. I didn’t want a whole box of plastic spoons. And while it doesn’t compare to my memory of how awesome the Edy’s Dreamery was (I miss the ribbon of espresso-chocolate!), it was good. Ben & Jerry are cruel, though, only selling this in Target. Not cool for those of us who live an hour away from the closest one, and don’t get down there that often!

I made us swing into World Market on our way back to Brookings as well–I needed more olive oil, and I just wanted to look. I didn’t take too much time just because the ice cream was melting, and the bambino was acting up a bit.

It was only $7–I pay that much at the grocery store for a bottle half that size. I also picked up a couple hazelnut butters:

I figure they’ll make a nice change from almond butter on my toast for the next week!