“Sharif don’t like it…”

I’ve been a little crabby lately because of the weather…It was snowing when I woke up this morning, and some other stuff happened that made me super-crabby this morning. I didn’t get to finish my breakfast, ran out of time to pack a lunch, and had I not had Jay drop me off first, I probably would’ve been late to work. All I wanted was just to come home and put my pajamas on.

I was also looking forward to dinner–I finally got around to making this:

I first read about it on Iowa Girl Eats, and was intrigued when she said it tasted like Hy-Vee’s Sesame Chicken (my favorite from the Hy-Vee Chinese Kitchen). So I got to work (it’s such a nice stress reliever getting to pound out chicken breasts):

And I do like the Smart Chicken. I sort of used IGE’s idea of serving it alongside some couscous, although I went with something I thought would pair well:

I was just going to get plain couscous, but Jay thought this sounded a little better. And besides, I’m always saying I need more vegetables, and spinach flakes count as a vegetable, right? I was fine with it till I read the ingredients:

D’oh! Onions. I figured I’d give it a go anyway. The chicken smelled WONDERFUL:

I probably could’ve pulled it out of the oven 5 minutes sooner, but I like to follow directions. Holy cow, was this ever good! To the point that I was cutting off pieces of my chicken and dipping them in the baking dish! I was immediately wishing that I had extra chicken, and I’ve already decided that the next time I make this, I’m doubling the recipe. The chicken was moist and tangy-sweet. I think I would’ve used just a smidge more brown sugar, just because IGE was right & it DID taste Hy-Vee’s Sesame Chicken. I’m already drooling at the thought of making this again soon.

The couscous on the other hand, left a lot to be desired.

Sorry Casbah. It had that boxed-food overly-seasoned chicken taste to it. Jay ate more of it than I did–I think I had maybe 1 bite, while Jay had 2 helpings. Once we were done eating, I wanted something sweet for dessert. We haven’t had ice cream or cake in awhile, but while we were in Sioux Falls, because the bambino was well-behaved in spite of our trials & tribulations, I let him pick out a treat at Pomegranate Market:

And then I got the bright idea to get this out:

I have to say that while I love Nutella, I also love Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. It’s a totally different consistency, and it’s salty-sweet. It’s especially good on oatmeal. Then I got the idea to do this:

Bunny sandwiches! They were okay…They satisfied my craving for something sweet. I’m a bit munchy, still though. It’ll pass.

And before I go there’s only 2 days left to enter my giveaway for a doughnut pan!