“The [Mudslide] brought me down…”

I’d decided to move away from cupcakes for a little while, even though I ordered myself some new piping tips that arrived recently. I know they’re so passé and all, but I like making them better than I like making whole cakes, plus, they’re more fun/easier to decorate. However, I’m getting a bit burned out on them, so I turned my attention to my other baking love: Cookies. And I came across the perfect recipe.

Salted Mudslide Cookies, from How Sweet Eats.

I’m really into sweet-salty combos right now, and more “adult” treats with alcohol in them, because that’s about the only way the booze gets used up in my house!

I did change the recipe slightly…I used Baileys as well as Kahlua, even though the original recipe only calls for Kahlua. A Mudslide just isn’t a Mudslide without the Baileys, as far as I’m concerned.
Oh wow…Salty, sweet, chocolatey…Boozy, even! So so very delicious! I’ve had the recipe in the back of my mind for ages, and I’m SO glad I finally got around to making it. If you’ll excuse me now, though, I have a date with a pile of cookies and a gallon of milk!