Croissants, sweet potato tots & sparkling water

I went back to the store this morning. I really need to curb my grocery spending. Between Pomegranate yesterday, and Hy-Vee this morning, I’ve spent about $120. That is supposed to be my monthly budget amount! Egads. So technically, I shouldn’t be going back to the store for anything until the middle of June at the earliest! Oh well. With all that & the car repairs, I think I need to stop spending money on anything for awhile, and concentrate on getting stuff paid back down. That being said, I think this afternoon, we’re going to see Thor, assuming the bambino gets his behavior under control & actually starts listening to his parents (yeah, I know, fat chance, right?). We might put it off until tomorrow, but we’ll see.

So this is what $80 will get you at the Brookings Hy-Vee:

Pantry stuff. I decided I’m going to try using light olive oil in cooking instead of canola oil. No real reason, I just want to see if there’s any noticeable difference in taste.

More dairy, because we can’t get enough of it in this house. I had to buy Chobani this week since they’re out of my plain Fage. I figure that it doesn’t matter that much, since I only needed the yogurt for breakfast smoothies anyway. Yesterday I picked this up, also for smoothies:

(This I picked up at Wal-Mart) It’ll be easier on clean-up if I don’t have to keep washing the blender and its attachments everyday. Plus, it’s just fun. I’m excited to try this:

I’ve heard European butter in general is SO much better than what we have here in America, but I primarily got this because of the fact that it’s Irish butter. That, and I know Kerrygold makes excellent cheese. Their cheddar is among my favorites!

And there’s the rest of what I got. I had to ask Abby’s husband (my contact in the produce department) where the arugula was–I did not know some was kept with the fresh herbs, but you learn something new everyday. And next time I need it for something, I won’t have to be the pain in the butt customer who’s bugging everyone to find something! It’s going with the croissants for the steak and cheese sandwiches I’m making tomorrow night. The sweet potato tots also came from Wal-Mart, as did these:

Jay had a craving for some fruit punch, and I thought sparkling fruit punch might be good, so I got the San Pellegrino for myself.

While I was sitting in Culver’s yesterday, I started a tentative menu for the upcoming week. I got stuck around Thursday/Friday, though, plus I was thinking that depending on the weather, we might be able to grill some night, which would change things a bit. Burgers on the grill might be nice, since we’ve yet to grill anything this year. Maybe I can make one last trip to the store & pick up some buns and/or hot dogs. But I also think that maybe we should just hold off, or I should make buns tomorrow, since we need to stop spending all our money on food! I discovered we do have a couple of t-bones I could thaw though….