“That’s the power of love…”

It’s been a busy couple of days, and the week’s not over yet! I mentioned on Monday that our statements showed up, and I’ve pretty much been buried in those the past 48 hours…And I’ll be buried in them for the next 48, as well. But it’s good. Job security and all…And the extra time is always nice for the paycheck! I had a 2-hour interruption yesterday afternoon, though, but it was worth it for this:

A most delicious bacon-cheddar burger from The Pheasant. My coworkers are getting used to my food-blogging quirks, because no one really batted an eye when I took my plate over to the windowsill for better lighting!

Other than the tomato & onions, I cleaned my plate. I spent the rest of the afternoon sorting statements, and when I got home, I started working on some cupcakes, as today’s Jay’s birthday, and as I told him this morning, we didn’t have money to go buy him a cake.

I used a cake recipe off the can of Ghirardelli cocoa I bought a few weeks ago. Now, I’m no novice baker…I’m no expert by any means, but I do consider myself moderately experienced when it comes to baked goods. And it’s even more imperative I get myself a stand mixer (hello, Kitchen Aid? If you ever want to do a food blogger a favor, I’d REALLY love a stand mixer. In Bayleaf. Thank you.).

I was tempted to get the dough hooks out at this point to finish the cake batter. Maybe it was my fault. I thought most cake batter recipes could be used for layer cakes, sheet cakes, or cupcakes. Perhaps Ghirardelli didn’t intend for their 2-layer cake to be made into cupcakes. I don’t know. What I do know is that while the first batch turned out fine:

More or less anyway…I’m not sure how that one in the lower left corner there turned oval instead of round, but whatever. The second batch, on the other hand, did not turn out so well:

I really don’t know what the hell happened there. I didn’t fill the cups too full. At first I blamed the paper–It was those damn Cake Mate pieces of junk that I ended up just tossing out once I was completely finished. But the whole tray was like that. The third batch came out pretty much like the first, but I was peeved. Out of 39 cupcakes (3 of which the bambino & I sampled), I had to toss 21 of them. I was not happy about that.

I decided that I’d make the frosting this morning, and this is what makes me suspect it wasn’t me, and it was the recipe.

Looks good, right? It was super-soft.

And I should’ve halved the recipe–I ended up tossing half of it as well, just because I didn’t need it.

I guess they didn’t turn out too bad. I stuck them in the fridge so hopefully the frosting sets up. We’ll have them after dinner tonight. And this is how I deem it being a true labor of love. This is what time I started frosting the cupcakes:

I started working on it around 5:05 this morning. And now I need to finish getting ready for work!