The hits just keep on coming…

I had a lunch meeting this afternoon, and got to eat at The Pheasant. When I eat there, it’s usually at lunch, and I’ve only been there once for dinner. I should talk Jay into going there one of these days…Even though it would feel like we were cheating on George’s. I was starving by the time we got there, so I got myself a burger & fries. A deliciously juicy bacon cheddar burger. I took a picture of it, but unfortunately, I can’t show you. I installed the latest version of WordPress, and suddenly, my media library is MIA. After perusing the support forums for a couple hours, I think this version is still a bit buggy, and I’m not the only one having issues. Still, to a technological ignoramus such as myself, it’s frustrating and while I’ve talked myself  down off the ledge (yes, I freak out about minor little things–I really do better in actual legitimate crises), I’m still fretting and at the moment, I’m working my way through a bag of kettle chips. Hey, I went running today–I can justify it. Ha!

And when I got home from work, I got to work on some Lemon Brown Sugar Chicken. I am SO not sick of this stuff yet! In fact, when I thought Jay was going back for a 3rd piece (I cut the 2 chicken breasts I had in half), I almost stabbed him with my salad fork! He did end up eating that 3rd piece, only after I realized I didn’t need to save it for my lunch–I have a Lunch & Learn at work tomorrow, and the food will be provided. I took pictures of that too (along with the rice I made for the side dish)–Cute ones that I posed with Chewbacca, since he was hanging out in the kitchen. You’ll just have to use your imagination!

I was also thinking about my poor dead hand mixer. I was also wondering about stand mixers. I have 3 that I’ve been considering for whenever I finally bite the bullet and invest in one. Kitchen Aid seems to be the most popular/trusted out there, and if I did get one, I’d probably get an Artisan model (in Bayleaf, in case anyone cares).

But then there’s Breville’s 5-Qt. Die-Cast Stand Mixer. It’s really shiny. And pretty. And cheaper than the Kitchen Aid. Plus, I have some affinity towards Breville now that I also own one of their juicers.

And lastly, even though my hand mixer is dead, I do also like the look of Cuisinart’s 5.5 Qt. Stand Mixer (in black). Also cheaper than Kitchen Aid. And I have other Cuisinart appliances that are still working just fine (knock on wood).

So I don’t know…I do have plenty time to mull it over, since I don’t have an extra $300+ at the moment. If anyone out there owns one of the 3, I’d like opinions. So far, I’m impressed by Breville’s quality when it comes to juicers, but I really don’t know much else about them. They do get bonus points for being an Australian company, though, as I still do have a soft spot for any, all & everything from the Land Down Under. I’ve read plenty of comments from people who’ve had their Kitchen Aids for 8 bajillion years and will never buy another mixer, etc. Cuisinart is good quality, and I have no issue with them (in spite of my hand mixer’s demise).

So there’s my entry for this evening. Would’ve been more fun with pictures, but hey…I suppose I could’ve skipped the Lemon Brown Sugar Chicken, but my previous photos didn’t include Chewbacca, and Wookies always provide an extra factor of coolness. With that, I am off to bed! Tech gods willing, my missing photos (which aren’t really missing…I can upload them fine, but when I try to insert one in my post, I get a freakish warning that there is no access to the database in which my photos reside) will reappear, and maybe some Clone Troopers or droids will start hanging around the kitchen too!

UPDATE!!! Had I stayed up instead of going to bed, I would’ve discovered that apparently the problem was not with WordPress after all–It was with my hosting company. I checked a thread on the WP forums regarding a similar issue to mine, discovered that that person (along with about 8 others) were all using the same domain host as myself, and were all having the same types of issues. Apparently it is now fixed, and since I have to go get myself ready for work, I shall leave you with this:

“Cheesah beecha wonky Chewbacca.”

Have a great day everyone!