Cincinnati Eats

I spent the day eating a few of my Cincinnati favorites, starting with lunch at Skyline Chili.

Skyline sign

The first Skyline restaurant was opened in the neighborhood in which my dad lives. Sadly, it was torn down a few years ago, but they opened this one in a new location in the same neighborhood. I had a couple cheese coneys:

Cheese Coneys

I make them occasionally at home, but my favorite thing to make are Chili Cheese Fries:

Chili Cheese Fries

It’s been awhile since I’ve made these myself, but OH, they are so good. I cleaned off both my plates and spent the rest of the afternoon in a chili-induced food coma. For dinner, my dad took us to LaRosa’s.

LaRosa's door

It’s been around forever, although it wasn’t until after I knew I was moving to South Dakota that I really came to like it (I actually refused to eat pizza until I was 16 and in England, but that’s another story for another time). Jay and my dad split a pizza:

Pizza - Double meat

Double-meat (there’s pepperoni under the cheese). It’s rare that Jay gets to enjoy pepperoni, since neither the bambino or I like it. I got some pasta:

Ravioli with meat sauce

Cheese ravioli with meat sauce. I ate about half of it. It came with a couple slices of garlic bread and a salad, which I inhaled. We skipped dessert, since earlier at the grocery store, we picked up these:

Graeter's Ice Cream

I opened the Buckeye Blitz first…The Toffee Chocolate Chip will have to wait until our return from Columbus!

I am hoping my mom will let me borrow her kitchen, so perhaps I’ll have a recipe at some point this weekend. Otherwise, it’ll be a collection of restaurant eats!