Thursday Rambles

Tree on corner of street

Wednesday was a little busy, so this is coming at you Thursday morning. Did a half-day at work, because the bambino had his DARE graduation ceremony, as well as a dentist appointment. So there was some running around.

We had such nice weather last week. It was like Spring finally showed up.

And then, as has been the case since November or so, the bottom dropped out. Again. We went back to crap weather.

Frosty Windshield

See that? That’s from Monday morning. That’s frost on my windshield. FROST. IN LATE-ISH MAY.

Not the foggy condensation that you can clear with your windshield wipers. Actual frost that would’ve needed to be scraped off, had I not gone out early enough to warm up my car. Because I still apparently have to do that this year. 


And then, it started raining. Again. We’ve had rain off and on (mostly on) since Tuesday.

Cloudy trees

I have no idea when our basement is going to dry out. I know – we could have it so much worse.

Even though our basement isn’t finished, we do have stuff stored down there. And gods only know when the water will quit seeping in. Next week isn’t looking much better.

Mail Art Blue

I’ve gotten a few more letters answered from my reply pile. That’s what I’ve been doing on breaks at work. It’s too hard to try and carve out time at home to actually write.

I can, however, decorate envelopes at home.

Mail Art Pink Purple

The vintage postage is not really new – Many months ago (before I put my quasi-moratorium on buying stuff), I won a couple eBay auctions for parts of a stamp collection being sold off as part of an estate. They were a lot of higher-value stamps, the bulk of which were still in sheets.

I still feel slightly guilty about using them. Someone went to all the trouble of collecting whole sheets of various old stamps and saved them, whether it was their own intention of using them, saving them because they thought they’d be worth something…Whatever. They meant something to someone once upon a time.

But as I said in my older blog entry, things are meant to be used. I have my things that I buy for buying’s sake – Like pens. I will NEVER have enough pens. If I find a particular one I like, I have a habit of buying as many as possible.

New postage stamps

Same goes with stamps. New and vintage.

I do also think I’ve slipped a bit into easy justifications for buying up STUFF. I know some of it is due to a slightly addictive personality – It runs in the family. Some of it is also due to working through losing my dad.

But I’m aware enough of it that I know when to curb it and pull back. Hence the attempt at trying to STOP buying all the things, and actually using what I have. Like making more stickers from some of my ephemera:

Ephemera Ticket Stickers

That being said, though, I couldn’t resist another new fountain pen.

Monteverde Jewelria

One of the many pen dealer websites I follow has frequent sales on fountain pens. Like fifty-percent off sales. So it’s kind of an easy way to get a mid-grade fountain pen for cheap. 

I did resist last week’s discounted pen, mainly because A) I’d just received the one above, and B) I already have one from the manufacturer that was offered.

I do have my eye on a larger-sized bottle of this ink, though:

J Herbin Vert de Gris Ink

I’ve seen it around online (I follow a few pen enthusiasts on Instagram, who demo it in journal entries and such), and LOVE it. Vert Empire still remains my favorite, but Vert de Gris is a close second favorite. All in due time, right?