“Is that a frog, a toad, or yo mama?”

This feels like it has been a very long day. I’ve been up since about 6, which given how exhausted I was from yesterday, just didn’t feel like I’d slept enough. But I didn’t have anything on my agenda today other than laundry. And around 4, I decided I needed to make some brownies at some point. Even though it’s still chilly (considering it’s mid-May & all), Jay went outside, and started digging up the garden. He said he uncovered an amphibian of some sort, which I thought was a little strange:

It’s a little hard to see, but we think that’s a toad. I didn’t want to get too close because I was afraid of disturbing him. I didn’t know frogs/toads burrowed underground, nor did I realize they could survive the horribly cold SoDak winters. In between laundry and generally being a slug, I laid down on the floor, and the bambino crawled over to snuggle with me. Jay knows there are far more pictures of he & the bambino together, just because I much prefer to be behind the camera, so he took some pictures of us:

We popped out to the store because I had some cabin fever, and I needed a few things for my lunches this week:

I’ve seen all sorts of recipes from Martha Stewart that call for lavash, but I’ve never seen it around town until now. I figured I’d give it a try. I picked up a couple other items too:

New nut butters! I didn’t even look to see if there was PB available, but I’ll enjoy the almond butters. I also got some chips:

I figured if I got something other than potato chips, I’d be less inclined to eat them all. We’ll see if that works.

After I made dinner (I fixed breakfast), I made the brownies. I got the bright idea to toss some sliced almonds on top, which in retrospect, was probably not the greatest idea:

But they are tasty, and they’ll subdue any chocolate cravings I have during the week.

I’m going to try something different tomorrow…Normally, I work out in the mornings, just because I can do it without child or husband clamoring for any attention. But I’ve found difficulty in getting up and actually getting myself going each morning. I’m going to try hitting the elliptical after I get home from work tomorrow, and before I start on dinner. It’s going to mean making sure I actually eat something protein-packed at my 4:00 break, but I also picked up some roasted almonds this afternoon (actually Jay bought them for me), so that should tide me over until dinner time. We’ll see how it goes!