Mairzy doats & dozy doats

I am so very glad that this week is over. It feels like Monday was eons ago, which is probably good, since Monday was so horrible. Tomorrow, the plan is to get our chores done as soon as possible, so that we have part of the day to relax, and we have nothing to worry about on Sunday. We’re planning on heading down to Sioux Falls for Father’s Day–The bambino & I will be taking Jay to see “Green Lantern,” and out for dinner. And we’ll probably do a bit of shopping as well.

I started off today well enough…Breakfast was surprisingly filling.

Toast on Rudi’s 7-Grain with Flax bread, some almond butter and a couple sliced strawberries. And a cup of Fage.

I was surprised that it held me until 12–I ended up having to go to lunch 30 minutes earlier than I normally do, because my boss had an appointment outside the office at 1, so I had to be back.

When we got home from running errands after work, I got to open the package Jay told me had arrived sometime today:

I have so much better luck it seems with winning Facebook commenting contests than almost anything else. I’ve gotten my juicer, a loaf of bread, and now:


Oatmeal! McCann’s Irish Oatmeal, no less. I do believe the intention is for those of us (I was one of 8 or 10 people to win the above prize package) to bake something with the oats & put them in this cookie jar:

Which I probably will do. Maybe not tomorrow, or even Sunday, depending on how long we’re in Sioux Falls. We’ll see, though. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are sounding mighty tasty right now. So is the Irish Oatmeal Breakfast Cake. I have to admit, though, when I opened the box, my first thought was that I just wanted a plain ol’ bowl of oatmeal! I’m sure I’ll have plenty of oats for both a breakfast bowl and a breakfast cake. Or cookies.

I copped out when it came to dinner…I was going to make the Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls from Iowa Girl Eats, until I realized that it was going to be after 7 before we’d eat. Which it ended up being anyway, once I went out, picked up dinner from Culver’s and brought it back home:

I’d completely forgotten until just now that Jay & I were supposed to be cutting back on our respective money-wasters–His is trips to Walmart & mine is buying food instead of eating at home. Oh well! I don’t even care right now–I earned that bacon cheeseburger, and I enjoyed every last bite of it. I will be hunkering down, as we have a wedding to attend in a couple weeks, as well as a big ol’ family gathering down in Inwood, Iowa on the 4th of July. That will be interesting, because there will be a bunch of Jay’s cousins I’ll be meeting for the first time. Which is funny because I’m “Facebook friends” with most of them!