A Taste of Spring (Thanks to the Winter that Wasn’t)

I think last week’s snow was winter’s last gasp.

We’re supposed to be in the 60’s today, and for most of next week, and tentatively low 70’s by next weekend! Because it was gorgeous outside, once I got the laundry done (by 11, no less!), we headed down to the park where the bambino played and ran around, and Jay went digging around the creek:

This, and a tiny fish were about the most interesting things Jay discovered. On a whim, we decided to leave the park, grab a bite to eat and head over to McCrory Gardens.

I like coming here in the fall and taking pictures, but until today, I’d never really bothered coming here any other time of the year. I wore the wrong shoes, though, for tromping around in slushy snow and wet grass:

In fact, I didn’t bother going into my favorite section of the gardens:

The rock garden area looks SO pretty in the autumn. Today, though, I didn’t venture up there.

Ah, only in South Dakota could it be about 65°F, and there still be snow on the ground. After we popped out to a couple stores, we headed home, and did yoga again. It was much easier this time around, although I think I’m still going to be sore and exhausted tomorrow (also thanks to stupid Daylight Savings Time). And in order to negate all the positive effects of our afternoon workout, we had pizza for dinner:

Sausage pizza, no less.

I did stop myself after 2 pieces, but that was so I could polish off a Lindt Passion Caramel & Sea Salt chocolate bar that Jay bought me this afternoon. The bambino ended up eating half of it, which is fine, I guess.

We’re now settling in to watch some MST3k for the evening…Gamera vs. Gaos,  so have a good evening everyone!