“I’m on the outside…”

It’s been a really long day for some reason…We got up shortly after 7 (because the bambino was chirping loudly in his room), and while I watched “Meet the Press,” Jay popped out to work for about an hour or so. We’re in the process of potty-training this weekend, so we haven’t really left the house since Friday evening. After yesterday’s breakfast, we didn’t do much of anything until dinner time. I made some cream of potato soup with cheese toasts.

It was good…I haven’t made it in quite awhile. I should’ve done something different with the cheese toast, though. I just toasted a few slices of bread, buttered them, topped them with cheddar cheese & popped ’em under the broiler for about 5 minutes. I bought pre-shredded cheese, which didn’t quite melt as nicely as I’d’ve liked. I think I’ll go back to buying block cheese.

For dessert, I ended up having some Chobani with some chocolate chips:

I discovered something this morning that made me rather happy:

I can wear my wedding ring again! And I managed to get it on without a struggle. Either I’ve flushed extra fluid out of my system, and my fingers aren’t as “puffy” any longer, or I’ve dropped some weight (I haven’t been weighing myself, as it just depresses me, and I go more by how my clothes fit). Either way, I’m glad the ring fits on my finger again!

After he was done at work, Jay picked up some treats for us at the store. He brought home Fage for the bambino & I (which I think we’ll have on some oatmeal tomorrow, or maybe just straight-up!), as well as dinner:

I was going to make that Taco Bake dish, until I thought I might as well use up the last of our potatoes–It’s been awhile since I’ve had a baked potato.

Hmm…Looks like I need to clean out my toaster oven a bit! Dinner was good:

I split my steak with the bambino, since there were just the two in the package. I cooked it perfectly (I occasionally overcook them, something I’m still working on), and it was tender & juicy. Yum! While the steaks were cooking, I made some iced tea.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been drinking tea for as long as I can remember, but I can drink iced tea year-round. It’s my favorite non-alcoholic beverage next to coffee. And I don’t like it all that sweet. Jay also picked up some “real” dessert for us:

As with iced tea, I can also eat ice cream year-round. Yum! I did figure out the cost of this evening’s meal (again), just because Jay was curious. I had to kind of estimate the cost of the potatoes, since I have no idea how many I started out with (I’m going with 15, just because 20 seemed a little high to me for a 5 lb. bag)!

Steaks: $6.04 (3 servings)
Potatoes: 18¢ (88¢/5 lb. bag–Estimated 15 potatoes in the bag)
Corn: 33¢/one-third bag
Total: $6.55, divided by 3=$2.18 per serving.

Not too shabby for a steak dinner! And with that, I need to get to bed, as I’m treating tomorrow like a regular day, which means I’m getting up at 5!