An Unintentionally Meatless Monday

I hate Mondays. I was in a fine mood today–I not only got another photo accepted on TasteSpotting, but I finally broke through on Food Gawker! But I got crabby as the day wore on, and was at the point where I was tempted to go out to eat–So I could eat my feelings, because that’s what I do sometimes. But I have my reasons for wanting to save money, so we came home, and I quick scanned though a couple cookbooks for something to make. I have a lot of leftover pasta that I wanted to do something with, but then I came across a recipe for something called Budino di Patate.

It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but I had all the ingredients on hand, so I quick whipped it up–with the help of some instant potatoes. I didn’t want to wait for the real ones to cook up.

The only thing that would’ve made it a lot better would’ve been some crusty bread. I guess I could’ve had a salad as well, but I would’ve been the only one eating it!

Still, it was pretty tasty. Cheesy, potatoey, carby goodness. Exactly what I needed today. It was either that or a pan of brownies, and I did have to feed Jay and the bambino too. There are a lot of leftovers, which maybe I’ll turn into potato pancakes at some point this week.