50 Random things about me…

I realize that I’ve got an “About Me” page that contains a small blurb about me & the blog…And while the vast majority of my readers are either family, or people who’ve followed me from my Blog-City days, I do have a couple new folks who pop by on occasion, and I’m a dork who likes filling out memes & such (I get giddy when the “All About Me” lists show up in my email). So here’s a new one (I stole the basis of the idea from Graze With Me):

1. My favorite color is green.
2. My favorite book is The Catcher in the Rye (although because my sophomore high school English teacher ruined it for me, I have not been able reread it since I was 16).
3. My favorite movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark.
4. My all-time favorite song is Tainted Love by Soft Cell.
5. I didn’t learn that it’s a cover song until I was in my mid-20’s.
6. I have 4 favorite bands: Crowded House, The Velvet Underground, Nirvana, and The Replacements.
7. I cried when I found out about Paul Hester’s suicide.
8. I also cried when I found out about Tim Russert’s death (which was a little awkward, as I was at work at the time).
9. Jay & I “met” in a chat room, back in 1995.
10. We didn’t meet face-to-face until April 2004.
11. With the exception of 6 months in Pennsylvania, 6 months in Georgia, & until I moved to South Dakota, I spent my life in Ohio.
12. Cincinnati is my hometown.
13. I never cared for Cincinnati “institutions” like Skyline Chili or LaRosa’s Pizza until I moved away.
14. I now hoard any Cincinnati food items that my dad sends me (I have more Gold Star Chili seasoning packets than any person really needs).
15. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology.
16. I also have a certificate in Paralegal Studies.
17. I’m not really using either one, although I don’t really regret my education choices.
18. The paralegal certificate has come in slightly handy now that I work in the Trust/Investment department of a bank.
19. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 23.
20. My first car was a hand-me-up from my sister Kendra.
21. The first car I bought on my own “died” in a fight between it and a Lincoln Navigator.
22. I’ve had its replacement for over 10 years now.
23. Until my sister Kendra was pregnant with her first child, I never seriously wanted children of my own.
24. Once I met my niece, GE, my heart melted.
25. Once I met my son, my heart burst.
26. I’ve been putting off having another baby because I didn’t care for pregnancy the first time around.
27. I would like my son to experience the joy and pain that comes with having a sibling, though.
28. I’ve kept a paper journal since I was 9.
29. I’ve had a website, online journal, or blog in some form or another since 1996.
30. “Tramplingrose” is from a song by Moonpools & Caterpillars.
31. It was my screen name when I first “met” Jay, whose screen name was “Pretzel Boy.”
32. I love political analysis.
33. I have a crush on Chuck Todd.
34. When we bought our house, we could afford either high-speed internet, or cable, but not both.
35. Therefore, we do not have cable or satellite TV.
36. We actually only get one channel on our TV–NBC.
37. While I did go through some TV withdrawal when we bought our house (I was 7 months pregnant at the time), I actually don’t miss it.
38. This is taking me a lot longer to finish than I anticipated.
39. I don’t read as much as I’d like to anymore.
40. I will make time to read cookbooks, though.
41. One of the best presents Jay has ever given me was my bread machine.
42. I feel slightly guilty about every hot dog my son eats.
43. I feel slightly less guilty every time I eat an entire bag of potato chips in one day (which happens more times than I care to admit).
44. I do not like to go barefoot indoors–I will either keep my shoes on, or at the very least, I have to wear slippers. It grosses me out to walk around barefoot or in sock-feet.
45. I will not wear open-toed shoes or sandals unless my toenails are painted.
46. I spend a lot of time on makeup websites (Sephora, Avon, Chanel).
47. I didn’t start seriously wearing makeup until about 2 years ago.
48. Most of my shoes are some form of Mary Janes or t-straps.
49. I have a long list of kitchen gadgets that I would someday like to own.
50. I can’t swim, and have panic attacks if I’m in water that’s higher than my waist.