“Gimme some of your tots.”

Yesterday was another nice day, weather-wise. I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning, so I was out of the office for awhile. I got a bit of kick in the butt about my age…I get to have my first mammogram next month. Joy. If everything’s fine (which I suspect it will be), I don’t have to worry about it again till I’m 40, since it’s just a baseline mammogram. Even still, I’m not exactly looking forward to it.

After work, I made use of my free loaf of Nature’s Pride bread:

I was going to make chicken tenders, but I was just too tired & after running errands, there wasn’t quite enough time. I decided instead to just make use of a bunch of cheese I have in my refrigerator’s “deli” drawer.

And I dug out this guy:

My poor panini press. I got it from a few of Jay’s aunts & his grandma for a bridal shower gift, so it’s been in use for about 4 1/2 years. I discovered awhile back that Breadman doesn’t make them any longer, so when it finally craps out, I’ll have to look into getting something new. Perhaps a Griddler.

Last week the bambino made mention of the fact that he’d had some tater tots at daycare one day, and had been dipping them in both ketchup & mustard. Neither Jay or I likes yellow mustard, and while Jay’s okay with some brown mustards, I only like it in marinades or my BBQ sauce. When I went shopping over the weekend, I picked up some of the yellow stuff for the bambino, and made a bunch of tots for us.

Grilled cheese, when done on a panini press with homemade or free bread is apparently acceptable as “vegetarian night,” I was informed. I felt like we should’ve had something else to go with, so I got out some cups of applesauce for the bambino & I (Jay didn’t want one):

It’s supposed to be another beautiful day today, before it goes back to being cold & cruddy tomorrow (at least it’s only supposed to get down to “normal” temps & not the bitter cold like we’ve been having). I’m debating on taking the laptop with me & going to one of the coffeehouses that’s close to work & spending my lunch break doing blog stuff. But we’ll see.